The 5 Best Easter Chocolates You Need In Your Life

The 5 Best Easter Chocolates You Need In Your Life

Chocolate is EVERYWHERE we look so we spoke to a chocolate connoisseur to find the top picks for Easter.


There’s chocolate everywhere this Easter, and the choices can be completely overwhelming, so we spoke to boutique chocolate connoisseur, Gulcay from Just Bliss Chocolates about the most popular choices this year. Gulcay makes handcrafted, small-batch chocolate from her Rundle Mall store and knows some sure winners if you’re going to buy someone an Easter gift.

Rocky Road eggs – these moreish eggs include our house made vanilla bean and raspberry marshmallow, Turkish delight, toasted coconut and roasted almonds.

Roasted Almond Eggs – these eggs have a crunchy roasted almond shell. They are available in several sizes from 75 g right up to your biggest egg which is 1.5 kg and is over 30 cm tall.

Truffle Eggs – include an assortment of ten truffles nestled into a milk or dark chocolate easter egg half. Their G&T Truffle Egg has been very popular, available in both milk and dark.

Freckle eggs – a popular favourite, the eggs are hand rolled in chocolate and then tumbled in hundreds and thousands also available from 50 g right up to 1.5 kg (7 sizes in total).

Chocolate Egg and Spoon – a new one for 2017, this includes a 75 g hand splattered egg with a speckled chocolate spoon.

One of the most commonly noted differences between Just Bliss chocolate and others is the quality and taste of the chocolate, we’re told that their customers often note how smooth Just Bliss chocolate is. This comes down to the couverture chocolate their use which means there is at least 31% cocoa butter in it. The cocoa beans are also ground to a finer texture resulting in a delicious smooth mouthfeel.

The Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Gin & Tonic Truffle Eggs
Freckle Eggs
Chocolate Egg & Spoon

Their signature chocolates include a selection of handmade truffles that are decorated with cocoa butter in various vibrant colours. They are often described as edible works of art that are too good to eat! Our truffle centres are made with fresh cream, honey, fruit purees, nut butters and other quality ingredients. We make our chocolates in small batches so we can maintain the freshness and provide a chocolate that is full of flavour.

Just Bliss also offer specialty chocolate for those that want to enjoy their chocolate without the sugar hit, they have 70% dark chocolate and sugar-free chocolate in both milk or dark options.

Their chocolate is gluten free and their dark chocolate is even dairy free plus they have plenty of vegan options.

A few of the delicious Easter Eggs on offer
Easter truffles
Hot Cross Bun Chocolates
Just some of the bunny range at Just Bliss Chocolates

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