The 7 Cardinal Rules Of Spray Tanning (And How To Avoid Looking Like A Dorito)

Fake the sun-kissed look this summer with these top tips from a tanning expert.


With summer almost upon us and a string of events coming up, you’ve gotta ask yourself, do I want to be pasty white or risk regretting a bad spray tan? Pfft… neither. Luckily, The Little Tanning Co has you covered with some top tips for ensuring your spray tan is flawless and fabulous.

  1. Elbows, knees, hands, feet and ankles are all areas that tend to absorb more tanner and turn dark, leaving you with uneven patchiness. Pass! Before your appointment, use a moisturiser on these areas to prevent build up. Ideally, moisturising every day a week before your tan will ensure you have the best base.
  2. No one likes a streaky tan, so it’s a good idea to exfoliate 2-3 nights before, especially your neck, chest, shins and face, as these areas have thinner skin and are more prone to streaking. But don’t exfoliate the day of your tan!
  3. Don’t apply moisturiser, deodorant, make-up or perfume prior to your appointment – it may effect the results of the tan.
  4. Even if your spray tan is administered by a professional, be sure to examine their work and double check there’s no splotches or missed patches.
  5. After you’ve received your golden glow, ensure your skin is as moisturised as possible as this will increase the longevity of your tan. Avoid oils like coconut oils. Dry skin causes your tan to fade in patches, so keep your skin hydrated for a natural fade.
  6. To avoid looking like you rolled in a bag of Doritos, shower at the time recommended by your technician. When showering, keep that temperature dial on warm (not hot) and avoid soap and body wash.
  7. Lastly, exfoliate between tans to ensure your next one lasts a long time and keeps you looking bronzed and beautiful.

When hunting for your perfect faux-glow, deciding what shade of brown you want to be shouldn’t be your only concern; checking what potentially nasty ingredients may be lurking in the formula is important too. That’s why The Little Tanning Co. has a selection of different shades and base colours to match your skin perfectly.

Often a lot of spray tans solutions can dry out skin. This is usually because they contain alcohol, synthetic dyes and other harsh chemicals. DHA, for example, is a chemical that can weaken the surface of the skin, allowing chemicals to be absorbed and in some cases, cause contact dermatitis. Yikes! So, when selecting your spray tan solution, owner Natalie Watson, from The Little Tanning Co strongly recommends natural and organic solutions, that contain nourishing ingredients like organic oils, aloe vera and chemical-free fragrances which aid in hydrating your skin.

The Little Tanning Co. is located at 1A Park Street, Hyde Park (inside Rachel Kate Lashes Salon).

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