The Annual Hiking Expo Offers Guided Walks

If you’ve always wanted to get out into nature, this expo is a great way to find out where to go, and to even have a walking guide on the day!

With the cooler weather setting in, and the autumn leaves starting to show their colours, it’s a fantastic time to venture back into the outdoors and reawaken your interest in exploring South Australia’s national parks and walking trails.

Sometimes though, it’s just a little hard to figure out which trails to choose and to know which ones suit your skill level. There can be apprehension over the actual trail routes, plus if you have kids, a wheelchair or pram, choosing the right trail can also be a challenge.

Luckily for us, the Hiking Expo can help with all of the above.

This April, discover hiking trails and destinations, who to hike with and the good hiking gear.

South Australia’s bushwalking clubs and Walking SA are coming together to celebrate the occasion with a unique day in Belair National Park.

• Expo of walking tours, walking destinations, outdoor retailers, walking clubs, free entry.
• Guided hikes ranging from 45mins to 3 hours, including child-friendly and Accessible options. Guided Walks will depart every 10 minutes from 9:20am to 1pm.
• You can secure a place on a specific guided walk by registering online for $5 per person at, or just arrive on the day and choose from the available guided walks for $5 per person.

Find out more at

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