The Apartment vs The Townhouse: Which Is Best For Your Lifestyle

The Apartment vs The Townhouse: Which Is Best For Your Lifestyle

If you’ve decided to buy new, then perhaps you may be in the market for an apartment or a townhouse. we have decided to break down the benefits of each so that you can decided which is best for your lifestyle.


There is so much media attention focusing on the ‘right’ age for young people to move out of home. We’re told that if we want to buy a house, we’ll need to sacrifice precious ‘avocado money’ (and quite frankly, the idea seems almost abhorrent). That being said, we know that the time is coming, and so we secretly venture on real estate websites to explore our options.

But what are our options? Do we buy old to renovate or opt for something new? Thanks to TV-reno shows we know how renovations tend to go down. With relationships crumbling down quicker than the walls themselves, there is reason enough to consider this with caution.

According to Steve Testar from Realis Property, ‘new’ is the trend because it almost always guarantees peace of mind. But when buying new, the question then turns to whether to buy off the plan (and have everything from colours to bench tops and floor finishes completely personalised) or completed.

If you’ve decided to buy new, then perhaps you may be in the market for an apartment or a townhouse. Both have many perks which often makes the decision a little bit more challenging. In order to help, we have decided to break down the benefits of each so that you can decided which is best for your lifestyle.

Apartment Living

Someone who can vouch whole-heartedly for apartment living is Glam Adelaide’s editor, Jil Hogan. Jil has recently moved to Adelaide from Canberra and she has lived in an apartment ever since she was in high school.

With regard to the benefits of purchasing an apartment as opposed to a townhouse, Jil says it all comes down to location.

“Location is the most important factor for me when it comes to choosing a place to live, and apartments are generally located centrally or near a hub of shops/cafes etc.”

Jil also says the fact that apartments also make for easy-living helps.

“There’s very little maintenance required – no yard to mow or anything like that, and any bigger building issues, the body corporate looks after it.”

Along with easy-living, Steve from Realis Property says apartments are great for the sense of security. He says apartments are arguably the most secure places to live, for the simple fact that access is limited to key card access.

The communal spaces and stunning views on offer in apartment living are also a major drawcard. With pools, gyms, rooftop common areas and communal gardens offering access and no necessary maintenance (or cleaning in general), it is hard to argue against the apartment-living lifestyle.

Townhouse Living

Let’s not skip over townhouses. Becoming one of the most desired forms of living, they are brilliant for a range of reasons. Whether you purchase a Community Titled or Torrens Titled property is another story for another time.

While the rest of the world, as well as Melbourne and Sydney, have been embracing apartments for years, Steve says that ‘Adelaide is an anomaly’ in that we have a great range of townhouses on sale. With a city that caters for more spacial living in townhouses along the city fringe areas, embracing a townhouse is made a lot easier than in our neighbour states.

Steve says, whilst apartment living is about sharing in a community building, with townhouse living you don’t really need to share anything (except for perhaps a driveway) and this is a serious advantage.

Townhouses are generally much larger than apartments. Some are bigger than a normal house and usually accommodate more people and offer more space for their residents. Also, trampolines for the kids can be an option, thanks to ground level courtyards and low maintenance gardens.

Steve Testar says, “usually, unless you want the view, most people want the townhouse.” That being said, there are also many townhouses with gorgeous views.

Here is a break down the benefits of both the apartment and the townhouse:

Apartment Pros

  • Location
  • Security
  • Cost (generally unless you pick a penthouse)
  • Communal spaces
  • Stunning views
  • Amenities (depending on the apartment building)
  • Maintenance (all organised through the community corporation)

Townhouse Pros

  • Location
  • More secluded living
  • Ground level courtyards and low maintenance gardens
  • Usually accomodate more people
  • Generally much larger than apartments
  • Smaller land footprint reducing the cost of the land and building total

‘It should be said, not all apartments are the same, and not all townhouses are the same, and so we are making these points as part of a generalisation,’ says Steve.

Steve says it is all about balancing three things when making your ultimate decision; these being, budget, location/lifestyle, and your wish list. Perhaps compromise will be necessary, however it is all about knowing what you want, and also about being realistic with those dreams.

Realis Property’s vision is simple: “to create a streamlined experience for buyers to find their perfect property.” With over 15 years of experience specialising in project sales and marketing, their team has worked on some of the biggest developments in South Australia.

So if you’re looking for to get more advice about what will be best for you and your lifestyle, then be sure to call Realis Property. They will be able to assist you in finding the perfect property for you – whether that be a townhouse or apartment.

With your wish list, budget and lifestyle all considered, Steve says you’ll be on your way to work out what is best for you. Best of luck!

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