Adelaide Festival

Borealis is in Adelaide! See the breathtaking photos of the northern lights-inspired installation

Dan Acher has presented his colourful Borealis installation in a dozen countries, and now it’s back at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

The northern lights are right here in Adelaide––or at least it looks like it!

Thanks to Dan Acher’s Gluttony installation, Gluttony guests can observe “Borealis,” is a visual experience with multi-coloured lights and a 40-minute looping atmospheric soundtrack that resembles the aurora borealis. 

The installation is a combination of art and technology, with laser beams piercing particle cloud to create the appearance of the ever-changing, vibrant Aurora Borealis. The weather, shifting colours, and changing movement patterns make the work of art change, so it’s easy to watch for a while without getting bored. 

Visitors can enter at 15-minute intervals and spend as long as they want in the space.

“Move through the canopy, be transported by a stunning soundscape and marvel at BOREALIS as it flickers among the trees and reflects over the lake at Murlawirrapurka,” the Fringe insists.

This installation is returning to the Adelaide Festival, after having its Southern Hemisphere debut in the 2018 Festival. Since then, Dan Acher has displayed Borealis in a dozen countries, and now he has brought it home. 

Tickets are $10 and are available through March 21. Buy tickets here.

Find Borealis at Gluttony’s Murlawirrapurka location. 

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