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The Austral Hotel Supports the Leukaemia Foundation


Your hair is pretty important to you when you're a young woman but this hasn't stopped The Austral Hotel's Jenna McManus from deciding to shave her head to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Jenna will go the big shave on Friday September 2nd at The Austral Hotel on Rundle Street if she reaches her goal of raising $5,000.

Jenna says knowing people with Leukaemia has definitely been the biggest influence in her decision to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

"However, I decided to raise money for this cause in particular because I wanted to do something to help others and being interested in health care, leukaemia was my first choice," she says.

Losing you're hair is a fairly big deal for a young woman but Jenna says she felt it was important to make a statement.

"Hair is just an item, hair is not the whole world and it definitely doesn’t make a person who they are."

"I considered that leukaemia patients don’t get a choice about losing their hair."

"It will grow back and losing my hair is nothing compared to the pain and suffering of the patients and the families of those whom have this disease."

However, Jenna does admit that losing her hair will take some getting used to.

"At the moment I'm really excited but I think once it is all gone I might initially be upset but I'll soon move through that and be fine."

Jenna is about half way to her goal of raising $5,000. The Austral will be donating $1 from every pint of tap beer and house spirit sold this Friday night.

Jenna has also received generous donations from some of The Austral's suppliers such as Coopers, Lion Nathan, The Hills Cider Company, Suntory, Schweppes and Samuel Smith and Sons.

Donations are being taken over the bar at The Austral hotel up until 3am the night of September the 2nd.

The shaving will commence at around 8:30pm and The Austral will have entertainment and cheap drinks all night.

"Every dollar counts which will be used for research to hopefully one day find a cure for this disease. I hope to see a lot of support on the night."

Head to The Austral's Facebook page for more information on the event

Check out the Leukaemia Foundation World's Great Shave website

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