The Battle Of The Bok Choy

marketsSince 1993, the Lien Heng Asian Grocery has been serving the people of Adelaide with fresh, cheap asian vegetables.

Located in the Southwest corner next to the Asian Gourmet, the shop is an iconic part of the Adelaide Central Markets. For many, no trip to the Markets is complete without a visit to Lien Heng.

In the past few weeks, the Khuu family, proprietors of Lien Heng, have come under fire from Adelaide City Council who have since threatened to close them down. The dispute began when Council informed the family that the lease on the area outside the store which they use to display fresh produce would not be renewed, along with a 20% increase on rent.

To date the reasons Council has given for their decision have been sketchy and dubious at best.

This is not the first time the Council has threatened similar action. Five years ago, a public campaign by the Khuu family collected five and half thousand signatures that changed the Councils mind.

This time, however, when the Khuu’s started collecting signatures to petition Council to change their mind, they were issued with a default notice that they were in breach of their lease and that if they did not cease their protest, their license would be terminated.

Led by Sam Pearson, family friend and lease negotiator, the Khuu family are continuing their protest and are seeking public help to convince Council to change their minds and grant the business a new lease.

You can show your support by visiting the Lien Heng Asian Grocery, Stall WR7, Adelaide Central Market (open daily, except Sundays) where you can sign the petition and read the original infringement notice including a hand written note questioning the validity of Council denying their right to protest.

In addition, there is a Facebook group “The Battle Of The Bok Choy” that is still in its infancy.

If you want to find out more including links to other articles and documents please visit Emil Kloeden‘s much more detailed post.

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