The Best Of Fiji, And How To Get There

How do you choose the right location and resort when there are so many options in Fiji to choose from?

Written by Jess Zacker from TravelManagers

Fiji has something for everyone whether it’s a 5 star resort, adults only, family friendly, eco-friendly or backpackers, it has it all – but how do you choose the right location and resort when there are so many options in Fiji to choose from? Here’s an overview to help you narrow down what will suit you the best.


The Fijian Islands in the Mamanuca and Yasawa Groups boast postcard worthy, picture perfect, turquoise blue water and white sandy beaches. It’s a tropical paradise and the perfect place to engage in some “Fiji Time” and relax and unwind, perhaps in your hammock swaying amongst the coconut trees.


Here you have a good mix of family friendly resorts such as Maolo, Treasure Island & Vomo, as well as adult only resorts like Tokoriki & Likuliku. Saying that, it is also home of Fiji’s most well known party island – Beachcomber so do choose wisely.

The Mamanuca Islands offer great snorkeling, diving & fishing experiences, but it is also home to Cloudbreak (one of the top surfing spots in the world) and Cloud 9, a floating pontoon above a reef in the middle of the ocean with chilled beats, cocktails, pizzas and snorkelling – a must see if you get a chance.

Cloud 9

Tokoriki Island Resort


Think unique, quiet & isolated bliss. Due to the remoteness these islands are less developed – all part of its charm and natural beauty. Many resorts are dedicated to backpackers, however, recently more 4-5* luxurious resorts such as Yasawa Island resort are popping up and proving quite popular.

For the 1980’s kids out there you have the famous Blue Lagoon in this area where the movie of the same name featuring Brooke Shields was filmed. As its name suggests the lagoon is a mix of sparkling crystal clear blues and has the vibe of classic untouched beauty.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon                                                             

Getting to the Islands

South Sea Cruises offer morning and afternoon transfers to the islands, ranging from 30 minutes to the closer islands in the Mamanuca to 5 hours to the top of the Yasawa group. If you want to get there just that little bit faster there are seaplanes and heli-transfers that will get you there in a flash. The cost is a little more with the transport to get you out to the islands but if you want the typical postcard Fiji experience then it’s worth it.


If you are looking at staying close to the airport in luxury, family friendly resorts then this is the place. You have all the big names here like Sofitel, Sheraton, Westin & Hilton so it’s perfect if you like the familiarity of brand hotels. All the resorts are located quite close to each other so it is easy to go for a walk around and sample different bars and restaurants for variety. If you don’t feel like walking there is the “Bula Bus” which comes past regularly, shuttling people between the different properties. This is also the place for boutique shopping in Fiji. Think of Denerau as an upmarket resort town!

The island though, is manmade so you will not get the postcard perfect beaches here, but all of the resorts have extensive swimming pools, and being located by the harbour it is the perfect place if you want to use it as a base and pop out on day trips and explore other islands during your stay.

Getting there

Shuttle Buses or a local taxi are recommended. It is only a short 15 minute drive from the airport.

Sofitel Denarau

Westin Denarau                                                                


The Coral Coast is located on the South Coast of Fiji so you find it is a bit cooler and windier than it is on the islands. The majority of the resorts here offer meal plans where the kids eat free and offer some of the best kids clubs in Fiji, so it really is tailored for the family experience. Although ideal for families, many resorts like the Outrigger and Warwick also suit couples with designated adults only areas and pools.

The coast itself is protected by a reef so the water is calm for the kids, and you have the luxury of walking straight out the front door and snorkelling amongst the coral investigating the many species of tropical fish and go searching for starfish.

The Coral Coast has many local villages so it is easy, and recommended, to get your cultural fix as well. There are many day trips offered by the resorts, but also kava tastings, fire twirling and other demonstrations offered on site.

Getting there


Warwick Coral Coast

The resorts are located around 1.5-2.5 hours from the airport so a shuttle bus or hire car is recommended.

There are many other destinations within Fiji but for now sticking with the main three. Selling and staying in Fiji many times over the last 12 years I know how hard it can be to choose the right resort for you, and the right spot often defines how much fun you have on your holiday!! Hopefully this has helped you out and be in touch for your next trip to Fiji!!

Jess Zacker, TravelManagers

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