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The Best Places In Adelaide To Find Kimchi On The Menu

If you love Kimchi as much as we do, you’ll love this list. From authentic Korean restaurants to typical Aussie pubs, there are a few unexpected surprises in here.

We recently talked about our love of Kimchi, the vegan and paleo-friendly offering taking our shores by storm. After seeing how much you guys loved it, we decided to put together a list of the best Kimchi places in Adelaide with help from Kimchi Club‘s Minka Park.

Mandoo, Bank St

If you’re looking to have some Kimchi during lunch time in the CBD, you’re going to be queuing for quite a while at Mandoo, but we can assure you it’s worth the wait. The popular restaurant not only make delicious homemade Kimchi, but also make handmade Korean mandoo (만두 dumplings) and bibimbop.

94° West, Grange Rd

We recently shared this new café in the west with you, and we love it so much we thought we’d toot its horn again. With all day breakfast and all day lunch, both with Kimchi offerings, why would you pass it up? For breakfast, have Kimchi as a side with your bacon and eggs. For lunch, dive into their cauliflower fried rice with seared prawns, fried eggs, house kimchi, pickled vegetables, bean shoot, daikon, coriander, lime, and sriracha. Yum.

Chef Kim Korean Restaurant, Hazelwood Park

A bit of a newer restaurant, Chef Kim is known as a perfectionist. The food is made from local produce, but in a Korean style. Chef Kim not only makes her own Kimchi to serve with her dishes, but you can also buy her Kimchi in store. Being personally involved in every dish, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more personal touch than at Chef Kim’s.

Don Don Korean BBQ Buffet, Hindley St

The all you can eat experience at Don Don Korean BBQ Buffet is like no other. With prices between $30-35 per person depending on the day, you can’t go wrong if you’re a big eater. The Kimchi soup is perfect for a cold day, but book in early to avoid disappointment as this place packs out quickly.

Sushi Gallery, Felixstow

With authentic Korean hot pot dishes, kimbap (김밥), Gam-Ja-Tang, and Mul-bi-naeng (cold spicy noodle), this restaurant is loved by many. Kimchi is served with every main meal, the portions are the perfect size, and the food is great value. Head in outside of lunch and dinner hours for the best experience.

Jarmer’s Kitchen, Bowden

For something a little bit different, why not try Kimchi in a burger? Jarmer’s Kitchen’s Katsu Pork Burger with panko crumbed pork, kimchi, lettuce, sriracha, and mayo on a soft bun will be something truly special for your tastebuds. Inspired by the Jarmer’s explorations and passions for food, Jarmer’s Kitchen is a loved casual eatery in Bowden. Ever popular and bustling with people, you’ll find something you love from their extensive menu.

Seoul Restaurant, Hyde St

Created from the traditional recipes of Korean Cuisine using only the freshest local ingredients, you can really get a bang for your buck at Seoul Restaurant. Named after the capital of South Korea, you can trust they’ll stick to their Korean roots. With a myriad of Kimchi-filled food, including the Kimchi Stew, Kimchi Hot Pots, and Kimchi Pancake, you’ll be able to ease your Kimchi craving here. With matching wines and a banquet menu available, it’s definitely one to check out.

Bartley Hotel, West Lakes

Want some Kimchi but everyone else is feeling the pub? The Bartley might be the perfect middle ground, their Crispy Skin Chicken with Korean BBQ sauce & spicy cabbage (kimchi) is the perfect addition to any pub meal.

Mum’s Kimbap, Central Markets

Mum’s Kimbap is a stall in the Market Plaza Food Court and although the menu’s on the smaller side they sure don’t skimp on quality. The Kimchi Hot Pot is has a strong Kimchi flavour that’s not for the fainthearted, while the Kimchi Pancake and Kimchi Pot Stew have both been described as phenomenal.

Koreajung, Leigh St

Koreajung looks unassuming and you may not notice it at first amongst its big name neighbours. Enter and you’ll find a massive array of Kimchi dishes including kimchi jeon (pancake), kimchi jjigae (stew), kimchi samgyeopsal (pork belly), kimchi doobu jeyuk (tofu and pork), kimchi guksu (noodle soup), and kimchi jeongol (hot pot). With such a huge array of dishes in a homely venue, you’ll find something to write home about.


Saracens Head Hotel, Carrington St

You wouldn’t generally expect authentic Asian food from an Aussie pub, but be prepared to be proven wrong. Saracens Head Hotel added Kara-age Fried Chicken with kewpie mayonnaise and kimchi to their Autumn menu. Kara-age is the Japanese style of frying chicken, said to be superior to any fried chicken you’re used to, and the Kimchi lacks a bitter taste, ideal for those who are trying it for the first time.

Miga Korean Restaurant, Payneham Road

This small, homely Korean Restaurant is loved by those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Their authentic menu is loved by those experienced in Korean cuisine and those who’ve never tried it before. Their Kimchi Seafood Pancakes, Kimchi Stew and Fried Rice with Kimchi are full of the flavours we expect from Kimchi, and their Bibimbob with Fish Roe, Fried Kimchi and Veges in a Hot Pot is a standout.

Sun Mi’s Sushi, Central Market


Having been around for almost a decade, Sun Mi’s Sushi is basically a Central Market institution. While you may wander past and assume it’s a normal sushi place, you are sorely mistaken. Perhaps the hoards of people lining up outside will persuade you to have another think? Their Kimchi has been said to be some of the best out there, so why not try their Kimchi Chilli Cabbage Soup or Kimchi Stew.

The Nourish’d Kitchen, Stepney

The Nourish’d Kitchen is a favourite of many. Their healthy meals that aren’t massively expensive are a great point of difference. They use Kimchi Club Kimchi, so try their Plants and Eggs (poached eggs on toast with spinach, tomatoes, mushies, avocado, and kimchi), Nourish’d Poke Bowl (green leaves, red cabbage, black rice, carrot, edamame, and kimchi drizzled with extra virgin olive oil) or Vegan Plants Based Breakfast (tofu on toast with spinach, tomatoes, mushies, avocado, and kimchi) to try our favourite Kimchi brand.

Other eateries that serve Kimchi Club include:

Organik Cafe and Store, Adelaide

The Organic Market and Cafe, Stirling

Brick + Mortar Creative, Norwood


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