The Biggest Prize In TV History Is Up For Grabs

You can win a brand new APARTMENT, and that’s just the beginning.

Have you ever been playing Monopoly and just quietly wished you could click your fingers and turn your Monopoly money into actual cold, hard cash? Or is that just me?

Well there’s a competition now where you can not only do that, but also win an APARTMENT worth more than $2 million!

Channel 9 reality show The Block now has its very own Monopoly board game, complete with Scotty Cam dressed as the Monopoly man on the front.

Every box of The Block Monopoly has a golden ticket in it, which could win you one of the finished apartments from The Block, at the former Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda, valued at more than $2 million.

And to win even more, online gift retailer Giftbox is offering an additional prize if you buy your copy of The Block Monopoly through them. The winner will be able to swap the money in their board game for actual cash – a total of $20,580.

The board game is $89 and available in stores from Thursday September 13, or if you want to win double the prize, head to giftbox.com.au.


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