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The Braiding Nurse Has Your Back In Hair Emergencies

Couldn’t style your hair to save your life? Us neither. But we’ve found the perfect remedy.

Food and wine comes naturally to us. Styling hair does not. We find it all just a bit tedious and it NEVER comes out looking like what it’s supposed to. We’re totally envious of those girls that can watch a few YouTube clips and have some magical braided up-do nailed down. Like, are you human? Did you dislocate your shoulder to do that behind your head? What do you do with that one random piece of hair…should I cut it off?
Needless to say we panic when events come around and we can’t do anything to our own hair besides something that resembles a curl. But we like to mix it up every now and then y’know. Unfortunately, it gets a little exxy frequenting the salon for an up-do and the standard 9-5 doesn’t always fit in with our schedule which is why when we heard about The Braiding Nurse, we let out a little cry for joy.
They’re making hair styling services accessible and affordable for everyone without sacrificing the luxury feel of a high-end salon experience.
Paediatric nurse by day, braiding nurse by night – Jaz Taladucon, founder of Hair by Jaz, is offering Adelaide a unique mobile hair styling service with a focus on braids, braids and more braids.

Jaz Taladucon says, “It all began when I realised I needed a creative outlet from my every day job. Hair styling has always been a passion of mine so I thought why not make it a form of work as well!

“I’m actually self-taught, I’ve always had a natural ability with hair but to broaden my skills, I’ve undertaken training and workshops with reputable professionals locally and nationally. I love furthering my skills and keeping up to date with the best techniques for the latest hair trends,” says Jaz Taladucon.

Hair by Jaz is not only limited to braids but offers an extensive range of services including loose curls, vintage waves and up styles. Jaz also has extensive experience styling hair extensions and extra long and short hair, ensuring satisfaction for all of her clients.

“I accommodate for bridal parties from preparation right through to touchups between the ceremony and reception, formals, graduations, 21st birthdays, and engagement parties,” says Jaz Taladucon.

Jaz offers an exclusive service of hosting braiding themed birthday parties as well as workshops to teach mums (and dads!) how to braid their little one’s luscious locks.“My workshops take the stress out of maintaining children’s hair… And why shouldn’t dads be able to do this too? It’s a great bonding exercise between the parents and their children, and everyone has a laugh and thoroughly enjoys themselves during my exclusive all dad’s classes,” says Jaz Taladucon.
Check out more of Jaz’s work via Instagram.
Bookings can be made by contacting [email protected]

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