Adelaide Now Has A Store Dedicated To Turkish Delight

And they have more than 20 flavours!


It’s hard to miss Adelaide Central Market’s newest addition.

Popping with colour and offering up a captivating display of sweet treats, The Turkish Delight opened last week, selling traditional, handmade Turkish delight.

Opened by mother and son duo Mona and Mohammed Hassan, The Turkish Delight’s story actually started over in Melbourne with Mohammed’s sister Naheda.

After running a deli in the suburb of Melton for a number of years, Naheda became famous for her garlic sauce. So much so, she ended up selling the shop and going into production for the sauce, selling it wholesale and at her own stall at the Prahran Market.

After a number of years, she decided to expand the business with a dessert offering, and found a man in Melbourne who made Turkish delight from a traditional family recipe, with a huge range of flavours.

Given their popularity in Melbourne, Mohammed brought some stock to Adelaide back in 2016 and ran a pop-up stall at the Central Market.

Mohammed said the response was so strong, they’re were still getting people asking where they could buy the Turkish delight two years later. So when a space came up recently at the Central Market, they jumped on it.

The store boasts around 20 flavours of Turkish delight, from traditional rose – including one with edible rose petals – to pomegranate, lemon lime, orange, strawberry, mint, mango, and choc mint, and all of the treats are gelatine-free, gluten free and dairy free.

“A lot of the Turkish delight you can usually get in Australia is imported from Turkey. And by the time it gets here, it’s quite hard and brittle,” said Mohammed. 

“And a lot of it has gelatine in it, so it’s very gluggy and gluey, and it doesn’t really melt in your mouth – it sticks to your teeth.”

Their manufacturer only produces the treats exclusively for Naheda’s company, so you can’t get them from any other businesses.

“It’s made in a very traditional means – he still uses the gas burners and copper pots, so production is limited,” said Mohammed. 

So how does one even begin to choose from 20 flavours? Mohammed’s recommendations are the apricot and almond flavour, or apple cinnamon. 

The Turkish Delight is at stall 8 of the Adelaide Central Market. For more information and opening times click here.


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