The Colourful Face That Is Peta-Anne

The Colourful Face That Is Peta-Anne

Adelaide personality Peta-Anne Louth is ready for this year’s Cabaret Festival, celebrating her 11th year involved with the festival.


She’s the lady you might recognise with the bright red hair and bright smile in the busy streets of Adelaide. Celebrating her 11th year as a part of the Cabaret Festival, Peta-Anne Louth and her now cotton candy pink hair, are very excited about the festivities hitting off this weekend. Bringing us Bespoke and years of entertainment, Peta-Anne tells all about her business and colourful life.

Bespoke, founded in 2011, is a very “passionate, wonderful, delightful surprise” from where it began. Working in hospitality for the majority of her life, Bespoke embodies Peta-Anne’s unique vibrancy through their hosting element, unlike no other organisation. Bespoke advocates for artists and employees in a safe and inclusive environment with a unique front of house service, incorporating Peta-Anne’s important core values. Celebrating staff with personalities and quirk and creating a space where everyone is accepted, it’s no wonder the success her business holds.

From a young age, Peta-Anne moved between Adelaide and Melbourne frequently. Attending a variety of different schools as a result, these intense circumstances taught her to become socially resilient.

Settling in Adelaide at 17, Peta-Anne has built an amazing career and personal legacy to Adelaide’s hospitality and Arts community. Her first job being a Visual Merchandiser at Centrepoint in Melbourne reflected her desire to the creative field. Working not only here but in the UK, her past jobs have formed who she is, her work ethic and how she runs her successful business today.

Photographer Claudio Raschella

Her passion for hospitality has always been consistent. Studying various degrees over the years, Peta-Anne always came back to the halls of fine dining. When she began working in fine dining in the 90’s, she was able to hone her skills and take pride in being a fabulous waitress. Fine dining wasn’t only a service but a performance – gauging the audience and tailoring each persons experience was how Peta-Anne inserted theatricality into her vocation.

The fierce and quirky mother of two young children takes her own personal values into Bespoke, and is very much a motherly figure to her growing number of staff. She has created a workplace that is individual, equal and fun. Apart from her business, her major achievements are her beautiful children Harry and Alfie and husband Adam, who is and has been very much her rock.

Peta-Anne and her boys Harry and Alfie

Very excitingly, Bespoke will be welcoming their first interstate customer in Sydney this coming August. This new adventure Peta-Anne sets out on will build a new team in Sydney and offer her unique services to a wide audience.

Peta-Anne believes the Adelaide Arts Community is not only a very nurturing one but celebrates the success of all, which contributes to the growth of any type of creative business. Bespoke has 20-30 consistent staff to the bright team, not including the 80 casual staff. Unlike any other hospitality organisations in Adelaide, Bespoke offers the most exclusive hosting experience using a range of vibrant people to make any event memorable. Peta-Anne celebrates and loves collaborating with her staff, as they’ve helped shape the fabulous Bespoke.

What can we expect from this year’s Cabaret Festival in Adelaide? The Australiana theme will showcase outfits in natural yellows and desert hues but in a vibrant way no doubt. Peta-Anne thoroughly enjoys and is obviously very good at the hosting aspect of her work. Her passionate and nurturing nature shines through her involvement in the Cabaret Festival. It’s a job like no other and the “Cabaret is like coming home each year” being a wonderful point of return to the birthplace of her business.

Photographer Claudio Raschella

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival is very important to Peta-Anne, in fact, she’s so excited for the upcoming festivities, “it’s basically Christmas to me”. Celebrating her 11th year as a part of the Festival this year, her and her team’s involvement has a directional flow.  Her colourful team will have 4-5 dressed up staff on the floor each night ensuring a touch of warmth and sparkle.  Not only taking care of artists in VIP but working the late night club keeping the artists onsite means the atmosphere and party goes on late! Assuring artists and the audience get to and from each show safely and quickly is an important aspect of the larger than before event this year.

Head to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival this weekend -and for the following twelve night and expect to see Peta-Anne there as vibrant as ever on Friday and Saturday nights.

For more information or tickets to the fest, head to their website here.

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