Elderly knitting club holding fundraiser this Tuesday to help those in need

Explore the heartwarming work of the Cosy Club as they knit for a cause, crafting homemade items for South Australians in need.

The Cosy Club is one of the most heartwarming things we’ve stumbled across in a long time. Operating under Uniting Communities Community Aged Care program, a knitting circle takes place each month, affectionately known as The Cosy Club. This group of older women get together to craft gorgeous handmade pieces to distribute to people doing it tough around Adelaide, plus welcome packs for new residents entering Aldersgate and Murray Mudge aged care homes.

The warm-hearted group of ladies, all aged 65+ meet monthly at U City to knit and crochet.

Uniting Communities supports the group, which not only crafts but also assembles pamper packs for new residents at the Aged Care homes.

According to UC staff member Emmy De Lorenzo, these packs are significant.

“These packs mean a lot because they help people feel welcome and comforted at a time of uncertainty and change,” she said.

Founding member June Appleby explained the impact of their work.

“A knitted rug or pair of socks represents comfort and care because it means that someone has spent time and effort, put in the love and talent to create something personal for you.”

She also highlighted the benefits for the members themselves, “More than that, our members get the opportunity to feel involved, to contribute to the community, and play an important part in supporting people in need.”

The Cosy Club not only focuses on crafting but also fosters significant social connections among its members, addressing a crucial need for social interaction among older women.

To further support their mission, the Cosy Club will be hosting a fundraising sale where a variety of handmade items will be available.

The offerings include socks, scarfs, baby clothes, blankets, and beanies. All proceeds raised will support the group to buy craft supplies so they can craft more items for people in need. Items are distributed through a range of local charity partners, including The Smith Family, Hutt St Centre, Westcare Centre, Catherine House, and others.

The upcoming sale is happening at 10:30am on Tuesday 28 May at the U City Foyer, located at 43 Franklin Street in Adelaide. The venue is fully accessible, ensuring that everyone can participate. Please note that the sale will be accepting cash only.

Uniting Communities is a crucial part of the South Australian community, working alongside more than 80,000 people each year. Their efforts enrich lives and unite communities through support and systemic change aimed at overcoming deep-seated social challenges.

For those interested in learning more about Uniting Communities and their various services, further information can be found by visiting their official website.

Don’t miss the Cosy Club sale:
• When: From 10:30am on Tuesday 28 May
• Where: U City Foyer, 43 Franklin Street, Adelaide (fully accessible)

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