The Curious Squire Brings the South to You

Adelaide’s very own James Squire restaurant and bar is spicing things up with the launch of their new Southern American inspired menu.

SmokerThe Curious Squire, Adelaide’s very own James Squire restaurant and bar, is spicing things up with the launch of their new Southern American inspired menu. Courtesy of the introduction of an authentic smoker, diners will be able to experience and enjoy a new take on Bar-B-Q meats.

Considering I’m from one of the most southern states in America, I was a bit skeptical about the claim of good Bar-B-Q in Australia. However after trying out The Curious Squire for myself, I can say the new  menu is not only delicious, but also authentic.  From the cheese fries complete with bacon, to the tender brisket smoked carefully for hours the mastermind in the kitchen, Drew Akin has surely brought southern cooking to Adelaide, fresh off the plane from Alabama.  He has also brought a wealth of experience and expertise, having launched a number of restaurants in the United States and Australia that specialise in the traditional Southern American Bar-B-Q, Cajun and Soul food styles of cooking.

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Drew Akin says, “Using traditional curing and smoking methods, the big Yoder smoker adds supreme flavour to meats with unquestionable tenderness, enabling us to create tantalising dishes such as juicy pulled pork shoulder, smoked chicken in Alabama white Bar-B-Q sauce, smoked Texas beef brisket and Bar-B-Q spare ribs.

“We have been running some of these dishes as specials and they have all been quick to sell out, so now with our imported smoker, we are able to add them to the menu permanently.

“The secret recipes for these dishes have been handed down from generations in my home state of Alabama, and involve carefully controlled processes including low temperatures with indirect heat for up to 18 hours.

“Another popular addition to the menu is the Canadian poutine, which is comprised of crispy fries topped with a beef gravy and authentic cheese curds. This fast food dish is testament to the ‘fast casual food trend’ we have found to be popular amongst diners. People are seeking restaurants where they can eat and go, and still be assured of quality food and service, which is what The Curious Squire prides itself on,” says Drew Akin.


Crowd favourites including buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, burgers, onion rings and fried oreos can still be found on the menu, with the weekly ‘King of Wings’ challenge proving to be a hit amongst regulars and new customers.

Restaurant Owner Antony Tropeano says, “The revised menu enables us to cater to a wider demographic satisfying both our lunch time and evening customers, as well as our male and female diners. With the injection of lighter, healthier choices like the gourmet veggie burger and a variety of salads, you can definitely say we have had a bit of makeover.”


The Curious Squire’s renowned cocktail list has been refined to include the Espresso KRAKtini (a curious take on the classic espresso martini) and the Fireapple and Firepear (a winter warmer comprised of cinnamon whiskey with either apple or pear cider), with happy hour daily between 3pm and 6pm. The addition of southern style lemonade and traditional sweet iced teas also compliment the Southern American infused menu.


Located on O’Connell Street in the trendy North Adelaide precinct, The Curious Squire is Adelaide’s premiere Southern Bar-B-Q restaurant offering a generous selection of authentic Soul and Cajun food in a relaxed, understated environment.


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