The Curtains Are Pulled Back To Reveal Celeb Body Shortcuts, Right Here In Adelaide

The Curtains Are Pulled Back To Reveal Celeb Body Shortcuts, Right Here In Adelaide

We have discovered a celebrity secret without the celebrity price tag attached. And it works.


Let’s face it. We’ve all looked at the glossy mags at some point in our lives, and whether we’re men or women, we’ve wished we looked a little more like those toned, trim people smiling up at us from the pages. Working out is, well, hard work. And eating well is equally challenging. Throw in work, kids, having a social life, and other hurdles of every day life and it seems damn near impossible to get time in to work on your body and actually get results.

Celebrities on the other hand, are cashed up, and it’s their job to look fabulous. They have personal trainers, personal nutritionists, personal chefs, and oodles of time to work on their bodies. Or do they?

Robbie Williams (swoon) is just one of a growing list of celebs who has been known to use HYPOXI training to get fast results. Fast results in the sense that not only do you see results more quickly than traditional fat-targeting gym work outs, but sessions are only 30 minutes long, so for a busy superstar on the go, it’s an ideal solution. And the results we speak of? Well you can lose up to 30cm in the first month. It’s not baloney either, as I’ve used HYPOXI on and off over the last 7 years (and after each baby) and had fantastic results. With my upcoming wedding only weeks away, I’ve lost 20cm in the first three weeks, and well on my way to being my Bridal Best. That’s actually what reminded me I should write something about this. It’s unfair to keep these shortcuts to myself!

Best of all, you don’t need a celebrity budget to put HYPOXI on your to-do list. With prices starting from $38 a session, it’s pretty much the equivalent of a personal trainer budget wise, but without the hardcore workout required.

Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Miss World Australia contestants, Deborah Hutton and Zoe Foster Blake are just some of the people who have tried HYPOXI, and now you can find out all about this secret weapon too, with HYPOXI available to Adelaide men and women. Yep, you heard right. This isn’t just for the girls. With special machines to help target men’s problem middle areas, and different machines to help with women’s thighs, waist and bum, it’s just what you’ve been looking for. All you have to do is find a HYPOXI studio near you.

There’s no magic bullet here, just a great combination of low impact exercise, technology and diet, to deliver the results, and fast. Check out the video with Zoe below to see how it all works.

Meanwhile I’m off to my next session, to kick back, read the latest gossip mags and relax while my body moves one step closer to my smoother, more toned & trim goals.


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