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Bookings now open at the Enchanted Fig Tree, a magical dining experience on Kangaroo Island

The Enchanted Fig Tree by Gastronomo has officially launched, offering a whimsical dining experience on Kangaroo island.

The gorgeous Enchanted Fig Tree on Kangaroo Island by Gastronomo Dining has officially launched its new season, offering a truly magical wilderness dining experience. 

Located on the North Coast Road of Middle River, The Enchanted Fig Tree offers a restaurant venue unlike any in the world, and invites guests to not just dine, but partake in a sensory journey rooted deeply in Kangaroo Island’s legacy. 

120 years ago, a small fig tree sapling was planted as a food source for the first settlers of Kangaroo Island. Over its years of growth, the tree has now transformed into a mesmerising dining location, boasting colossal, gnarled limbs and shimmering leaves. 

The magnificent tree stands as a testament to the hardships of the early settlers, a time when children’s laughter was occasionally silenced by illness, and when modern amenities like roads and restaurants were the stuff of distant dreams. 

This history of The Enchanted Fig Tree has not been overlooked, which is why it has been so lovingly restored and transformed. 

This unique dining experience isn’t merely about the food; it’s about immersion. Julia Baird’s acclaimed work, Phosphorescence, sheds light on the profound rewards of engaging with nature. The Enchanted Fig Tree seeks to evoke this essence. 

“Wonder makes us stop and ask questions about the world, while marvelling over something we have not seen before, whether spectacular or mundane,” Julia wrote. 

Beyond the tree’s leafy archway, diners will find themselves within a collection of natural ‘living rooms,’ where every morsel served is a feast for the senses inspired by the surrounding landscape, the vibrant local culture, and the island’s rich history. 

Leading the culinary voyage this year is talented Adelaide chef John Stamatakis. Without revealing too much, it can be promised that he’ll conjure flavours that that date back to before the ancient Edo period in Japan. 

Yet, what would a feast be without a fitting finale? Enter Rose Kentish, the mastermind behind Full Circle Spirits and a guru in the realms of winemaking and flavorist in South Australia. This season, she presents the Enchanted Fig Tree – Scorched Fig Liqueur. 

Drawing inspiration from the very figs that fall from the tree, Rose has developed a limited-edition dessert liqueur that captures the island’s seasonal richness. The figs, scorched to unveil their robust flavour, are paired with local Kangaroo Island honey to create a truly unique taste sensation. 

Given the rarity of this drink—only 300 bottles have been crafted—it’s no surprise that it’s made its way to the revered menu of Bennelong, nestled within the iconic Sydney Opera House, and is available exclusively in Australia. 

In keeping with the ethos of local collaboration, The Enchanted Fig Tree maintains a cherished partnership with Kangaroo Island Spirits. Renowned for foraging local botanicals, KI Spirits have created a delectable range of beverages, including the unique Wild Gin, distilled distinctively with ‘Boobialla,’ the island’s native juniper. 

Roald Dahl once said, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Much like Alice venturing into the unknown or Joe, Beth, and Frannie ascending the Faraway tree, the magic of The Enchanted Fig Tree is waiting to be discovered. All that’s required is a journey to Kangaroo Island. 

So for those ready to ‘take a leap of taste,’ be sure to head over to Kangaroo Island and dine at The Enchanted Fig Tree and experience the magic for yourself. 

WHAT: The Enchanted Fig Tree. 
WHERE: Kangaroo Island, 5995 N Coast Rd, Middle River SA 5223. 
SEASON LAUNCH TICKETS ON SALE: Friday, September 22nd (close is April 08, 2024). Tree opens for dining from the 8th November. 

To book, click here. For more info, visit The Enchanted Fig Tree website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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