The Fringe Show Trying To Change The Narrative On Consent


There are plenty of shows at Fringe that will make you laugh out loud. Some will make you question the boundaries of what the human body can do. And others will have you dancing along in your seats.

But then there are also ones that are there to make you think, and to start conversations about difficult topics.

Socially [un]acceptable sits firmly in the latter.

In the show, Laura Desmond goes deep and confronts the issue of sexual assault. Her raw stage performance details her personal experience of sexual assault through a series of autobiographical vignettes.

Unapologetically honest and confronting, socially [un]acceptable is about both challenging and inspiring audiences to help change the narrative on sexual assault.

It’s not an easy show to watch – even Laura has been brought to tears on occasion – but the most important things not always are.

Socially [un]acceptable is playing at Gluttony from Feb 15 to March 3. Tickets are on sale here.

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