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The Full 2017 Bachelorette Line Up including Harry from Malobo Plus All Their Instagram Accounts

The men on this season of The Bachelorette with Sophie Monk have been revealed, including the fabulous Harry from Malobo at Henley Beach! Heres the run down you need to see of who is in the show.

This week all of our television viewing dreams come true. Sophie Monk debuts as The Bachelorette and we can’t wait. Before the season kicks off on Wednesday though, we thought we’d introduce you to the men that will be vying for Sophie’s heart – including Harry who we know better as our local bar manager at Malobo in Henley Square!

Based on what we know of Harry, and a few of the other guys in the ‘line up’, it seems Sophie has a soft spot for beachy guys – and men in velvet for that matter. Unusual names are also abundant. We wonder what else will be revealed as the season rolls out.

Harry, 24, Restaurant Manager, South Australia

Free-spirited larrikin Harry is always up for an adventure. The restaurant manager is passionate about the environment, enjoys surfing and everything about the outdoors. Falling in love is an indescribable feeling for Harry and he is looking for a passionate and adventurous woman to love.

Apollo, 24, Magician, Queensland.

Romantic and entertaining, Apollo loves to lift people’s spirits. The magician enjoys making the most out of life, creating memories and making people smile. An old soul, he is looking for a woman who can share his passion for philanthropy, knows what she wants and is vocal about what she expects in a relationship.

Bingham, 25, Polo Player, Queensland.

Competitive and cocky, Bingham believes his best features are his height and physique. The polo player’s ideal woman will understand his passion for sport, love horses and pull him up when he is wrong, but most of all, she will be his best friend. Bingham’s ideal date would be a helicopter ride to a yacht, where he and a lucky lady can sample a large selection of whisky and wine

…. yet to find Bingy’s Insta. Sorry ladies.

Blake, 29, Investor/Entrepreneur, Western Australia.

Ego-driven rule breaker Blake does not give second chances. He is passionate about creating a legacy and wants to be an inspiration to the people around him. Blake is looking for an entrepreneur with nice eyes who can hold her ground. He believes if you adapt quickly, life will never be a headache.

Brett, 27, Personal Trainer, Western Australia.

Loveable rogue Brett is a cheeky charmer who loves travelling, the ocean and meeting new people. Family and kids are a box he is ready to tick and the easy-going personal trainer is ready to find a charismatic, family orientated woman with nice eyes. His favourite part about meeting someone new is finding yourself so deep in conversation that you lose track of time.

Chad, 37, Contact Services Manager, Victoria.

Honest and confident, Chad is respectful but will always speak his mind. He has only been in love once but is at a point in his life where he has everything he needs except that special someone with whom to share it. His dream date would be spent doing something fun outdoors before a romantic dinner and drinks overlooking the beach while the sun sets.

Instagram to come… we hope.

Eden, 33, Scaffolder, Western Australia.

Born in London to backpacking parents from New Zealand, Eden was literally born to travel. While he is a scaffolder by day, the hip-hop enthusiast has a passion for music and dance. Eden lives life in the moment, finds humour in most things and never lets a good experience slip away. He is interested in the possibility of finding love with someone who does not take themselves too seriously and can challenge him. is private ~ boo ~

Hayden, 29, Marketing Manager, Victoria.

Outgoing and funny, Hayden is a born entertainer with a passion for music. He has a personal motto: “Whether you are laughing at me or with me, you’re welcome!” The serial dater is looking for a woman to settle down with who has a sense of humour, confidence and is open to trying anything.

James, 31, Financial Advisor, New South Wales.

Warm and genuine, James’ friends describe him as sunshine personified. The financial advisor has a spiritual side and believes his love language is vocal and affectionate. He is looking for that spark and attraction you feel with the right person and knows that his ideal woman is smart, laid back and enjoys the outdoors and exploring new things. – private, again

Jamie, 38, Engineer, Western Australia.

The time is right, the stage has been set and traditional English gentleman Jamie is ready to find the right woman to love. His leading lady must be respectful, intelligent, attractive and honest. In the past, classic car buff Jamie has followed both his head and his heart but he believes that although it can be painful, it is always better to follow your heart.

No Insta found. Stay tuned.

Jarrod, 31, Vineyard Manager, Victoria.

Compassionate and thoughtful, vineyard manager Jarrod is in a good place, ready to settle down and start the next chapter of his life. His family are his backbone and he longs to have a beautiful family of his own. Ex-Army officer Jarrod is looking for a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and knows her own mind, with beautiful eyes. – private

Jefferson, 30, Events Manager, New South Wales.

Charming Venezuelan Jefferson relishes travelling, sport and anything to do with chocolate. A foodie, he was raised in Florence, Italy, and believes family is built in the kitchen. He enjoys sharing his Italian upbringing with those around him, cooking and drinking Italian wine whenever he gets the chance. His ideal woman is loyal, social and enjoys dancing. – another private profile but y’all can try your luck.

Jourdan, 25, Bar Manager, Queensland.

Opinionated perfectionist Jourdan feels his personality is an acquired taste. The self-confessed day dreamer loves getting lost in long conversations and achieving what most people think is unobtainable. Jourdan is looking for a partner who likes him exactly as he is. He has dated older woman in the past and is attracted to self-confidence, class and elegance.

Currently on the hunt for J’s Insta… any help?

Luke, 33, Business Culture Consultant, New South Wales.

Outdoorsy and spiritual, Luke is determined to make a positive impact on others and the world. The 33-year-old appreciates women who do not take themselves too seriously, support him to be the best version of himself and are ready to share their life with someone special. He is passionate about his business and wants to be a role model for the good guy.

Mackane, 35, Small Business Owner, Western Australia.

Positive and loyal, Mackane believes successful relationships are about compatibility of auras, chemistry and pheromones. He prides himself on his communication skills and loves chatting to new people. He is a hopeless romantic and while he can be shy at first, he says he is very forward with his intentions.

Pete, 32 , Fashion Designer, New South Wales.

Creative and athletic, Pete says he can be summed up in one world: “chill”. The former national league water polo player has a strong sense of adventure that saw him backpack through almost 40 countries in nine months. A busy man with his own fashion label, Pete is looking for a partner who is relaxed and easy-going with a good sense of humour.

Ryan, 26, Construction Foreman, New South Wales.

Spontaneous and charming, ex-rugby player Ryan loves living life to the fullest. The New Zealand-born tradie is always the last to leave the party and describes himself as picky. Now willing to settle, he is looking for a partner who is cheeky, caring and understands the complexity of the way he thinks.

Sam, 31, Voiceover Artist, New South Wales.

Passionate and caring, Sam loves to make people smile and “kill them with laughter”. He is looking forward to an incredible adventure where he has the potential to meet someone who could blow him away and reciprocate the passion he brings to a relationship. He is hoping to find someone kind and warm with the ability to fix his worries with a smile.

Watch The Bachelorette on Channel Ten Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm.

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