The Future Of Ad(elaide)vertising A Student Success!

To those not in-the-know, the chalkboard reading “OCD” outside Garage Bar might have come off intriguing at best. In this case, OCD stands for “Obsessive CREATIVE Disorder”, an exhibition featuring 24 students who've made it through 3 years of hard work at TafeSA Tea Tree Gully Campus.

The class of 24 from the Advanced Diploma of Advertising and Graphic Design showcased their creative talents to not only friends and family, but to the Adelaide advertising and graphic design industry.

The graduate students put together an incredibly professional and impressive event that brought in all kinds.

The night was run completely by the students themselves, and if the buzz inside the exhibition was anything to go by, future employers needn't worry about these students’ ability to create hype.

The designs on show ranged from the outlandish and grotesque, to witty and perfect commercial gold. One student was even selling branded underwear! 

Each of the 25 exhibiting students were alternatively promoting their brand and vision as well as celebrating their final night as students after three years hard work. During which time, several followed their dreams from the Regency Park Campus to the new Tea Tree Gully facility. Now there’s commitment!

Of course, eyes were cast out for favourites, but instead of awarding standard gold, silver and bronze, here are some CV-worthy titles for those future advertisers/designers, sure to steal more than just tonight’s event.

Media Ready Man: Andrew Firth certainly had the standout poster with bold designs that refused to stay in the box and were wittier than Shakespeare.

Splash Maker: Ben Nicholls – the guy who had the briefs up for grabs – is sure to take magazines by storm with his layouts and material prints.

Image Master: Viray Thach may not have had the strongest poster, but boy did it draw a crowd. Totally relatable illustrative work.

The One to Watch: Will Fox has gone above and beyond with his display which is a truly vibrant, creative force.

I will admit I didn’t expect a student event (which made ode to compulsion and disorder) to be so clean and clarified in its approach. The students made great use of branding, illustrative, textual, design and editorial skills of the entire student group.

Global media might seem like a bit of a jumble at the moment with digital duking it out with print, publicity versus advertising, corporate budget against crowd funding, but nothing smooths the waters like young hopefuls!

Congratulations to the 2013 Graduating Class, we’ll see you out in the big wide billboard!



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