The Geiger Sisters Radioactive Hour

The Geiger Sisters Radioactive Hour is a new show which follows the fortunes of four “sisters” as they fight to keep themselves employed in the changing radio industry, post WWII. The girls’ future is hanging by a thread and they must win the new owner’s affections to secure their livelihoods, if only they can find him in the audience. Into this mix add the ongoing saga of the radio serial that has to comply with the strict rules of the sponsors and the catchy commercials, all performed live in the studio.

Join Bronwyn Gell and Charlotte Mudge (The 3 Dolls) team up once again with Rachael Kirkham as Artistic Director and singer and Carol Young (Gentlemen Prefer Curves) as Musical Director, pianist and singer.

Geiger Sisters

Malcolm Harslett, Creative Programme Director of Out of the Square (OOTS), describes the show as “A four handed original musical set in Australia, in a now forgotten time, with great original music and lyrics which summed-up the time period musically harmonically and lyrically, with some serious 40’s hairstyles and costumes. Great characters, voices and harmony blend from all performers.”

The Geiger Sister’s Radio Active Hour is a cabaret variety show which pays homage to the lost art of radio theatre. Audiences are treated ‘on-air’ to a spread of original tunes modelled on the close harmonies and war-time jazz of the Andrew Sisters, with catchy weather reports, news updates and advertising send-ups.

‘Off-air’ The Geiger Sisters embrace the challenges faced by many post-war women trying to maintain careers and new-found independence as their men return home from service.

They are doing two shows at The Promethean, 116 Grote Street, Adelaide on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 June at 8pm. For more information or to purchase tickets go to the Bass website.

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