The Gooby Goose cafe celebrates fresh venue in Adelaide’s south

After almost a year of serving coffee in a parking lot, The Gooby Goose cafe are ready to serve up a storm at their new look cafe.

Picture credit: The Gooby Goose

One of Happy Valley’s most beloved cafes, The Gooby Goose, have finally stepped foot in their new home as renovation finish at Valley Central.

Mathew Hollamby and staff hit the ground running after moving from their container in carpark, where they resided for a whopping 243 days before moving into the new look shopping centre.

“It’s been essentially a fresh start for all of us, we feel really rejuvenated to be back in there,” Mat said

“We’ve had to hit the ground running and we’ve had to hire a second chef as well as two baristas.

“There has been a lot of great feedback but there is still a lot of work to ensure we are up to standard that we want to be at but so far the community have really gotten behind us.”

The new look Gooby Goose is now able to seat 50 customers and while they may look like the run of the mil cafe, Mat promises a whole lot more once you get inside.

“We still wanted to offer all of the brunch classics that everyone knows and loves,” he said.

“But also want to push people into trying things they may not of ever had before, after a trip to Melbourne and being able to explore some new flavours, I wanted to bring some things that are different but we are making sure the ingredients that we use are the difference between every other cafe.

“We don’t want to be that standard cafe that buys their ham from anywhere, we are proud to buy our ham from a local butcher shop, we’re making sure that everything that is on the menu we are able to pinpoint to 15km within our shop.

“For me I’ve always been a big supporter of helping the community and I thought if I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, I’ve got to do that when it comes to my stock.”

From hot honey halloumi to southern style fried chicken with whipped chipotle butter, there will be something to satisfy everyone’s craving at the Gooby Goose.

“I truly cannot thank all over customers and every one who has supported us not only over this last year but since we started, my staff are wonderful, I wouldn’t be in the position that I am.

In 2023, Valley Central underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, which saw a number of stores shuffle around before the shopping centre officially reopened just in time for Christmas.

WHAT: The Gooby Goose

WHERE: 50 Kenihans Rd, Happy Valley SA 5159

For more information, click here.

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