The Good, The Bad And The Excuses: My OrangeTheory Fitness Review

The Good, The Bad And The Excuses: A Mini OrangeTheory Fitness Review

A bite-sized review on my OrangeTheory Fitness experience.


I’ve always been an off-and-on-again gym kind of gal. But as some of you may know, I’ve been going to OrangeTheory Fitness over the last 6 months so I thought I’d catch you up on the good, the bad, the ugly and the (lame) excuses.

Let me start by saying, I’m not perfect. I’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon and I’ve needed a kick up the ass, *cough* post-Easter chocolate binge. But overall it has been a pretty awesome experience and I’m doing my best – which is what OrangeTheory is all about – achieving YOUR personal best. On average I’ll try and go about 1-2 times a week (I’m still trying to get there at least 3 days) and I burn about 700 each session which is awesome.

I’d say that the biggest improvements I’ve seen are my endurance (the ability to push a little harder, longer, faster) and when I get into the groove (by groove I mean consistency), I start toning up and feeling stronger. Mind you, a stricter eating plan would not go astray in terms of my results. I basically work out so I can still do the things I enjoy – food and wine. It works for me. The biggest challenge has been distance/time. Planning a workout before or after work can get a little tricky. I’m campaigning for more studios across Adelaide. Stay tuned.

One of the most commonly used excuses for not exercising is that we’re time poor though. So I thought I’d keep the rest of this review to bite-size chunks. And hopefully at the end of it, you’ll want to join me for a free session. If you literally only have 27 seconds though… watch this quick video (at least).

3 Biggest Misconceptions I Had Going Into OrangeTheory

  • I had to be super fit to start (which I was no way in hell).
  • It was going to be like a lot of other group training gyms/classes I’ve tried.
  • I would go every single day, AT LEAST 5-6 days a week. Now I would still actually like to believe this but I’ve come back down to my reality. I’m happy If I get to OTF 2-3 days a week.

3 Excuses I Regularly Caught Myself Saying

  • Work was hectic and I was “too exhausted” to workout.
  • “I don’t have the time” or it’s “too far” from my house… and by too far I mean it was a 20-30 minute drive depending on traffic. This is probably the biggest challenge when factoring a workout into my day.
  • “I couldn’t” work out because I had a meeting that morning/day and “wouldn’t have time to shower/dry my hair”.


3 Reasons Why I’m (sooo) Glad I Pushed Myself To Go 

  • Once I started the work out and definitely afterwards, I had more energy than on the days where I didn’t workout. Go figure.
  • It actually made me feel good about myself, instantly. Most of us women I dare say have struggled with self-esteem issues. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to friends, women at work, women on social media, women at the gym, hell, even women at the supermarket. It’s a nasty habit and I’ve found the only way around this is focusing on yourself and what’s in your control… like prioritising a 60min gym session over a sleep in.
  • I felt less guilty about the food and wine.

3 Things I Noticed About Myself In The First 3 Months

  • My endurance was improving – meaning I could go harder, for longer.
  • I was able to manage my heart rate better and get a good balance right throughout the session. I know this thanks to the real-time stats displayed during the class as well as my post-workout report.
  • My legs were starting to tone up. For better lack of words, I felt less wobbly.

3 Reasons Why I Would Recommend You Get Your Ass Into OrangeTheory  

  • It’s one of the most intense workouts, every workout. And being someone who typically needs to sweat and push myself to the edge to feel like I’ve achieved something
  • The classes really can be tailored to your fitness level and capacity at that point in time. That goes for if you’ve stopped/started for a while, if you have an injury you need to work around or you’re just having a “base” day. I’ve learnt that the only person you’re in competition with, is yourself. And more importantly, for me, when I had wrist issues, the trainers were right onto giving me alternate exercises. Working with me to ensure I was still getting a killer workout.
  • If you’re consistent, results seem to come quick.

To Help You Get Started…Click here for your FREE SESSION

Overall, I love the OrangeTheory experience though I’m going to start campaigning for more studios around Adelaide. Like Norwood/Payneham/St. Peters preferably. Asking for a mate.

OrangeTheory Fitness Hawthorn
202 Belair Rd
Adelaide, SA, 5062
(08) 8490 0910

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