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The Greek On Halifax Celebrates 15 Years With Incredible Food & Wine

To celebrate 15 fabulous years, The Greek on Halifax fed Glam Adelaide like we were part of the family and it was sensational.

The Greek on Halifax is like the backbone of Halifax Street’s food scene. And to celebrate 15 fabulous years, owners Ross Galantomos and his mamá Mary fed Glam Adelaide like kings like we were a part of their huge Greek family. It was sensational.

From Meze to Dessert, the dishes kept coming and portion sizes were as to be expected – large – and the Greek wine was dangerously good. We’ll admit even the Sikotakia (chicken liver) while it wasn’t a personal favourite, we could still appreciate (and heard) that it was damn good Sikotakia. It’s hard to pinpoint a favourite dish overall, but if you’re going and looking for what to try, we’d have to say these are a must, in no particular order:

  1. Melitzano Dolmathes (eggplant stuffed with haloumi)
  2. Zucchini and cheese croquets (served with some side of heavenly-garlicy-mashlike side)
  3. Octapothi Souvalaki (grilled octopus)

From the dessert menu, you’re going to want to get the moist (argh! second time using the ‘M’ word this week. Sorry guys), spongey orange cake. There’s actually a proper Greek name for this dish but we can’t pronounce it sooo we asked if you could just ask for the “orange cake” and they said they’ve got your back. They know what you mean – phew! The Baklava is also to die for. Oh wait, and the doughnut balls. Ah! To hell with it. Get ’em all.

The building itself oozes with character and charm. But amongst the old is the new. Their recent refurbishments include dialling back the tint on the polished concrete floors to a more natural look, new seating, tables, a lick of paint, plants throughout, new light fixtures (including the cutest decanter style pendants in one room), tiles and and also a layering of some very awesome wallpaper. But expect a few quirky surprises too, like the old dining chairs suspend from the ceiling and “The Cork Room”, where ten thousand old wine corks hang from above – collected by Ross, his wife and team over the last 14 years.

Overall, the menu was nothing short of amazing and we were honoured to be celebrating another fantastic milestone with these guys. So go with friends. And go hungry.

The Greek on Halifax
75 – 79 Halifax St, Adelaide | 08 8223 3336

Photography by Glam Adelaide’s Kelly Noble

Saganaki Kefalograviera

Grape Rocket and Haloumi Salad

Octapothi Souvalaki

Moreton Bay Bugs

Doughnut balls


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