The Ultimate Guide On What To Do In Adelaide When It's Just Too Damn Hot

The Ultimate Guide On What To Do In Adelaide When It’s Just Too Damn Hot

Adelaide, you are so hot. Luckily we have a list of the hottest things to do when the temperature reaches ridiculous heights…


Adelaide, you are hot. So hot. The temperature gauge is rising and that left us wondering ‘what does everyone do when it hits 40 degrees in Adelaide?‘ You know we love a good list, so with that in mind we have put together our guide to the coolest things to do in Adelaide when it is just too damn hot …


What better way to chill right down than by surrounding yourself with ice? Get your skates on and take a spin on the ice – day or night – while listening to some great tunes. Test your balance on the small or big ice!

SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Don’t have a pool of your own? Oh, you do? Well, you definitely don’t have a pool as cool as this! With waterslides, super slides and an inflatable challenge, this indoor pool is the ultimate escape from the heat!

Alternatively, find your nearest public-chlorinated-body-of-water with our guide to Adelaide’s swimming pools.

Head Underground

As anyone from Coober Pedy will tell you, when it’s hot on the surface, it’s cool underground. Lucky for you we’ve done the research and dug up (get it) a list of the underground bars around Adelaide to stay cool through this summer (and through any air-conditioning-free, power outages we may also encounter!). Find the guide here.

The Big Wedgie

From 23th November 2019 – 9th February 2020 The world’s tallest freestanding inflatable waterslide is back in SA and it has a brand new home by the sea. West Beach Parks (formerly Adelaide Shores) will host The Big Wedgie, a firm favourite with thrill seekers of all ages. Bigger and better than ever, The Big Wedgie stands 18.2m tall, 82m long and boasts a 55-degree drop with 4 lanes. Those who fancy something a little less extreme can take on The Just Right Wedgie and young ones can have some splashing good fun on The Little Wedgie. There will also be a few new surprises for the ultimate adventurers. The inflatable waterpark will be set up near the West Beach Parks Resort on Military Road.

Explore South Australia’s Stunning Beaches

Henley Square/Henley Beach

Is it too obvious to suggest hitting the beach? C’mon…South Australia has literally countless amazing beaches but the obvious (and generally most popular choice) is Henley Beach. You can stop off for a bite to eat of a refreshing drink at some of our favourite Henley venues, like Stella, 303 By The Sea, and Acacia

Another one of our favourite beaches is Port Willunga Beach.

Sure it’s not as close as Henley or Brighton, but it’s a damn lot closer than Port Elliot! Look at the jetty ruins on the shore, check out the caves, snorkel out and see the shipwreck or eat at the restaurant who took the shipwreck’s name – The Star Of Greece. If you feel like some adrenaline, take a jump off of one of Gull’s Rock’s three levels (just make sure to find a local who knows what they’re doing). This beach is perfect for those who hate the hustle and bustle of the beaches close to the city – you’ll always find a spot under the beautiful cliffs.

The Beachouse

One of the ultimate summer destinations has to be The Beachouse down at Glenelg. Besides the fact that it is air-conditioned inside (reason enough alone), there are also a tonne of fun games and activities to keep you and the kids entertained, not to mention the waterslides. It is by far the coolest way to cool down!

The Moseley Beach Club

Sitting right on the sand, the Moseley Beach Club re-opened on the foreshore of Glenelg on December 9. The family-friendly venue will be open daily, and will run until March 15, 2020. Taking inspiration from super-premium offerings across Europe and South East Asia, The Moseley Beach Club will feature a casual dining area, bar, live acoustic on music week nights and DJs on the weekend. The club is free to enter, or you can splash out on one of 10 premium day beds or 40 sun lounges, each with service directly to your area.

Adelaide’s Rooftop Bars

It might seem strange to head to the top of a building where the sun will be beating down, but most of the places on our Rooftop Bar Guide are clever enough to have some shade under which you can shelter… and by shelter we mean indulge in some deliciously icy cocktails and a cheese platter.

Head to a Westfield Shopping Centre – Marion, Tee Tree Plaza, Westlakes

This might seem like a weird one but we’re sure we aren’t the only ones with this on our mind… Shopping centres are scientifically proven (okay, maybe not, but seriously…) to be at least 21 degrees and fine all the time. With Christmas having come and gone, it is the perfect place to beat the heat and nab a bargain at the same time! Hunt down your nearest Westfield this weekend and take advantage of the air conditioning that won’t hike up your electricity bill. See Westfield’s extended trading hours this Christmas here. 

Art Gallery of South Australia

Do something a little bit elegant and experience some of South Australia’s beautiful art culture at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Besides the fact that they’ll definitely have their air conditioning blasting, you can also check out some stunning exhibitions and take in the beauty of the building.

Head to Holey Moley

It’s a leisure-tainment experience like no other, and most importantly, it’s cool in there! Holey Moley Golf Club has brought the craziest round of mini-golf you’ve ever played to Adelaide. Put on your finest golf-attire and rally up your caddies for an 18 hole tee off. This will be the perfect way to stay cool this summer.

Hit The Flicks

It doesn’t matter which cinema you go to, it is always freezing. While it’s scorching hot outside, we suggest you BYO jacket because we can guarantee you will have goosebumps while you sit and enjoy that movie. Plus, popcorn’s good in any weather – sorry, that’s just the rules, we don’t make them up.

In the evenings, you could head to an Outdoor Cinema. Bring you friends and blankets and settle in for a night underneath the stars as the evening breeze finally arrives. Go ahead and peruse the Moonlight Cinema program. It’s a doozy.

Temptation Sailing

Cruise the ocean while you dolphin spot and enjoy the stunning views. You can even tick something off your bucket list – swimming with dolphins! These guys have a ‘Swim with Dolphins’ license, so you’re all safe and sound in their hands. Cool off and swim with dolphins… Who would’ve thought… (us – that’s who!)

Shark Cage Diving

For the adrenaline junkies, this is the extreme way to cool off… It might take a bit of planning (and a bit of money) but if you can get yourself down to Port Lincoln then you can have one special/insane experience when you swim with sharks. All we have to say is thank goodness for that cage… There’s also the chance to swim with sea lions, if you don’t feel like being eaten alive.

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