The Happy Motel & Social Creative Talk Collaboration On Superfish

It seems that The Cranker will remain aligned with music, but will take on a more tropical vibe for the future… and there’s more coming to that corner in the form of new venue 74 Frome St.


A few weeks ago now, on the back of the we speculated about what the future direction of team behind The Social Creative. Having left behind physical premises only earlier this year with the closing of their Dive Shop, and also calling time on Crab Shack, and the appointment of a new programmer, it was safe to say their future seemed to be heading towards their incredible outdoor installations; The Royal Croquet Club, Alpine Winter Village, Good Fortune Markets and so forth…

But in a twist (and clearly in an opportunity too good to turn down) the team have revealed Superfish. Thanks
to the support of landlord and property developer Gerry Karidis, the old favourites of Dive Shop and Crab Shack have once again been given a new lease on life.

As part of the agreement the team behind the Little Miss Group – The Social Creative, have also become the new custodians of the Crown & Anchor Hotel, which now has a redefined license to include the old Crab Shack & Dive Shop sites.

This summer will see The Social Creative re-launch the Crown & Anchor with a vision to keep true to its roots with ‘Live Music’ still taking top billing along with a front bar that’s a good honest front bar with cold ales. But what would a take-over of a venue be without a little quirky face-lift from some masterful interior guru’s from Australia and afar. The team plan to commence works soon in stages with many surprises to come…

This Friday however, the newly redefined outdoor space shall be transformed into ‘Superfish’. ‘Superfish’ will be a collaborative project with the ever-clever Happy Motel gang. The Happy Motel will be injecting new life into the outdoor space, serving up mega delicious food with a South American flavour. Tropical eats with raw and charcoaled flavours will compliment a short but select list of local SA beer and wine producers
on our drinks lists.

Superfish is a taste of what’s to come with the new Crown & Anchor. A tropical hideaway to soak up a brew or sip on vodka wheatgrass juice whilst getting a tan.

That may or may not include the crew of The Happy Motel, who have also just begun a very busy summer of their own. It’s their first collaboration with The Social Creative, some might wonder why it took so long?! But rest assured big plans are afoot.

Many will remember back in early 2012, The Happy Motel ran a one-weekend pop up restaurant in the venue that would later become famous late night party venues, Little Miss Mexico, Crab Shack and Dive Shop. At the time they cooked beautiful seafood and our handmade chorizo from charcoal grills, wood ovens and woks. They remember the venue itself as one of the great outdoor spaces in Adelaide.

And it seems they’re incredibly keen to dive right back in with a new concept; having gutted the space, stripped
it back to its beautiful bones and given it a makeover. Collaborating as always with the in-form Carlo Jensen (Sunny’s, Pink Moon Saloon, Alfred’s) from Peculiar Familiar on art direction, The Happy Motel & Social Creative have made the space into an outdoor garden for eating, drinking and dancing into the night and are working with some of our favourite Adelaide artists and growers to reimagine the aesthetic in a more relaxed, wholesome,
engaging and food-oriented style.

On the food front, THM be taking cues from the Asian influence of South America’s west coast whilst keeping it simple, affordable and mega fresh. At one end of venue they’ll open a ceviche and oyster bar influenced by a long time obsession with South/Central American curing techniques and a genuine love for fresh South Australian seafood. They’ll be playing with aguachile, ceviche, sashimi and of course endless oysters, all
served with fresh herbs, vegetables, salsas and exotic fruits.

At the other end of the venue for the late night crowd the focus will be charcoal. The street food style Churrasceria is informed by time spent eating cheap in South America. Think smoky slow cooked skewered meats and seafood, Chilean/Argentinian street food faves and a big focus on barbecued seasonal vegetables.

Then there’s the drinks. In short, it will be short. A smart local independent wine list full of local faves, smashable beers and tiki cocktails all night long.

In the new year the old Dive Shop and East End Studios property will also make way for a ‘new’ little fling – 74 Frome Street. Incorporating several different collaborators and independent producers, this corner property will be a multifaceted, multipurpose, creative hub that is a feast for the senses and delicious at all times…

In the mean time Superfish will be dropping her anchor this Friday 11th November. Bring your dog. And follow the next chapter on Facebook.

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