The Healthiest Meals To Hit Your Doorstep Are Coming Straight From The Farmers

South Australia has always been a place where we pride ourselves on supporting local. Cue Aussie Farmers Direct to make things even easier at home, with the introduction of their WW fresh box.

South Australia has always been a place where we pride ourselves on supporting local. Whether it’s drinking local wine (and we take that responsibility VERY seriously….), or dining at restaurants where they embrace the paddock to plate philosophy, we like to do our bit to help the farmers and producers stay in business.

Well things just got even easier, with the introduction of the WW fresh box. The brainchild of Aussie Farmers Direct, which is a website where you can order a wide range of incredible Aussie produce and products online, the WW fresh box has been developed with Weight Watchers, to give you everything you need for incredible, healthy meals at home – while importantly, still helping the farmers.

Now I’m not cook, as my fiance, or any of my friends will tell you, but I thought I’d give this a shot to see how easy it was – from “I’m a good person, let’s do this again” to “I’m ordering pizza”. And the results are in.

The process is easy. You order your box and your postcode has two drop off days per week. As long as you get your order in by midday before a drop off day, you’ll get your box the next day. Ours was delivered before 7am on a Saturday (and conveniently left on the porch while we enjoyed a sleep in).

I particularly liked how environmentally friendly it was. Recycleable cardboard box. Encouragement to reuse & exchange the ice packs within, advice on keeping your veggies fresh, all the recipes on handy reusable cardboard cards, and a clear indication if you needed any other ingredients for meals that weren’t included (like a tin of black beans).

Here’s the box and what was included.


Here’s my attempt at the Grilled beef burger with eggplant salad. This was actually delicious. And big.

This is the Pan-fried chicken with cauliflower puree. I timed this one badly and overcooked the greens, but when I mixed it all together with the cauliflower, it was actually really delicious. Not much to look at but bloody nice.

And finally the baked sweet potato with black bean salsa. This is one I’d serve to guests. It was colourful, tasty and felt like we were indulging with the sour cream plopped on top. I needed to cook the sweet potatoes for 60 minutes instead of 40 as suggested, but that didn’t throw the meal off, as the rest was cold and just sitting there waiting. So all in all, a success.

I still have two more meals to make, but you know what? I think I’ve got this. And I’m doing my part for Australian farmers. While I stick to my pre-wedding diet. Pretty happy with myself right now.

If you want to check out the WW fresh box and all its goodness, click here.


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