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The Henry Austin Team With Wine Young Guns Next Week

For the first time in it’s history, Young Gun of Wine comes to Adelaide to unearth the next superstars of wine. All under the guise of the crew at The Henry Austin…

For the first time in it’s eleven year history, Young Gun of Wine comes to Adelaide on Saturday 19th November to unearth the next superstars of wine. All under the guise of the crew at The Henry Austin… who love a bit of wine.

Starting at 7pm, the event, Young Gun of Wine UNCUT, will feature over 60 wines from over 30 (and counting) of Australia’s most cutting edge winemakers. They’ll be transforming a CBD warehouse into a sensory wonderland with the help of The Henry Austin, whose celebrated chefs have designed dishes for the night, from locally sourced and wild ingredients, served with their signature Yum Cha style.

Established in 2007, the Young Gun of Wine discovers the finest and most innovative emerging winemakers throughout Australia. It is the place to spot the best new talent and trends in wine: what these people are making today, everyone will be drinking tomorrow. This search starts with UNCUT, an up close and unfiltered look at the freshest wines and winemaking in Australia.5-ygow_trophy_lowres

Taras Ochota, the 2013 Young Gun of Wine, says this event “shakes new names out of the woodwork, encourages creativity, and gives recognition to the cats filling bottles with amazing gear.”

Whilst wine commentator Nick Stock sums up the process as, “gathering like-minded and uniquely individual talents together, rallying eclectic and far flung tastes, making noise, getting them noticed and having a ripping time along the way.”

All guests will take home a gift wineglass from Riedel. Leading wine purveyor, East End Cellars, is helping to bring this show to town. All bookings via Eventbrite. But wait, you don’t even know who is going to be there…

Winemaker lineup

Aphelion Wine Co. • Beach Road Wines • Brand’s Laira Winery • Chaffey Bros. Wine Co. • Chain of Ponds • Charlotte Dalton Wines • Coriole • Sherrah • Cragg Cru Wines • CRFT • Eperosa • Fall From Grace • Faux Pas Wines • Gestalt Wines • Golden Child • Guthrie • Koerner Wine • Lino Ramble • Livewire • Ministry of Clouds • Murdoch Hill • Paxton Wines • Penny’s Hill • SAMU Wines • Schild Estate Wines • Scott & La Prova • Switch Organic Wine • Ten Miles East • Tenafeate Creek Wines • The Other Right • The Pawn Wine Co • Thistledown • Vanguardist Wines • Sanglier • VHS Wines • Vigna Bottin Wines • Whistler • Year Wines

Now you know. Go book folks. Here’s the link again.

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