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The ‘Humans of Kangaroo Island’ Book Is Here

Released on November 10 2021, the Humans of Kangaroo Island book showcases the diversity and history of Kangaroo Island as seen through the lives of locals.

The Humans of Kangaroo Island project celebrates resilience after adversity. Started in August 2020 by fire-affected Kangaroo Island resident Sabrina Davis, the stories of islanders have uplifted, inspired and connected the community after first experiencing the Black Summer fires and then the restrictions of Covid-19 directly after. Nearly a year later, the project has thousands of followers and made an impact sharing many authentic islander stories.

The Humans of Kangaroo Island book offers a selection of these stories, recording this period in time in which things were tough and people needed to find resilience. The residents interviewed for the project reflect on their changing world, share stories from their childhoods, talk about their home countries and cultures, and reveal their personal and poignant struggles.

In this thoughtful book, Kangaroo Islanders of all ages reminisce about what makes their island home so special and why they can’t imagine living elsewhere. From the original soldier settlers to local firefighters, wise elders, doctors and young school students, these wonderful local humans give an insight into island life before and after bushfires amidst a global virus, with glimmers of insight for people across the world.

This is authentic storytelling at its best—raw and genuine—delving into the tragedies of life, the highs and lows experienced across generations, and the emotional aftermath following a natural disaster.

Sabrina Davis, the publisher and creative talent, is passionate about the project.

“By now, I have told close to 100 stories of local islanders and continue to do so to make an impact and keep our community connected,” says Sabrina. “I aim to record the diversity of our island within these stories. We have many different upbringings, talents and cultural backgrounds to offer. This book will showcase our island’s identity, culture and history. It will discuss happy and tough times in our lives, as well as challenges such as the fires and pandemic. It can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

Sabrina will donate the majority of the book proceeds towards yet another community initiative, this time supporting the severely fire-affected sport club Western Districts to fund playground equipment during their rebuild.

The elegant coffee-table-style book is now available for sale on the project’s website as well as from many popular shop and café locations around the island, as listed on the website. An eBook version is also available for purchase.

You can purchase your copy of the Humans of Kangaroo Island book here.

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