The HWY Heroes The Fun-Guy In Annual Mushroom Month

The HWY Heroes The Fun-Guy In Annual Mushroom Month

In celebration of the 7th annual Mushroom Month, the Highway would like you to join them to experience nature’s treasure’s as you’ve never had them before!


The annual Mushroom Month at The Highway Hotel is a favourite amongst Adelaide foodies. It’s four weeks that hero the fun-guy…(see what we did there) by incorporating mushrooms in both classic combinations and some new twists on dishes.

This year’s menu will feature an impressive range of mushies from entree to dessert. You’ve got truffles, Swiss brown, portobello, porcini, field mushrooms, oyster, king browns and enoki, all used in some form or another.

If you’re interested in checking it all out, Mushroom Month will be held from July 1-31 in The Highway’s bistro and lounge bar.

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