The Inside Scoop On The New St Louis Summer Menu

The Inside Scoop On The New St Louis Summer Menu

They’ve always been known for its delicious sweet treats, and now there are a number of new additions to the St Louis menu that are sure to become favourites.


It’s Summertime, and that means time for ice cream!  And what better place to tuck into some creamy goodness than St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Desserts. They have always been known for its delicious range of ice cream flavours and sweet treats, and now there are a number of new additions to their menu that are sure to become favourites.  GLAM Adelaide was invited along to road test some of the highlights at their new Summer inspired menu launch.  With French flair as the theme and the stunningly talented singer Tiana Riemel performing live, we knew we were in dessert heaven.

For a sweet tooth like me, the mere idea of having a complete meal made up of items from my favourite food group (dessert) and being able to justify it as “work” was the stuff of childhood dreams.  You know, a bit like being let loose in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory; it was like all my Christmases had come at once.  Best. Job. Ever!

Owners of St Louis Glenelg, George and Mesha, and Head Chef Melinda, created this sensational line up of desserts for us.  George tells us, “My wife and I have devoted ourselves to using the best quality produce for each of our dessert and ice cream creations. We want to share our love and passion through our food, and evoke feelings of a pleasure unlike anything you have ever experienced”

Well that was good enough for us, and then it was time to taste.  To warm up our taste buds, we started the night with an entrée of Churros, served with ice-cream, melted couverture chocolate in white, milk and dark flavours and chocolate cigars.  I can honestly say these were the best Churros I’ve ever had; super light, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. Just perfect!  I could have walked away right there an then and been satisfied, but no, there was more.

Breakfast waffles then found their way to our table.  With fresh fruit and a drizzling of maple syrup, we liked the twist of them being served with natural yogurt and crushed hazelnuts.  Somehow it didn’t seem so indulgent to have these waffles for brekky – they had fruit and yogurt! That’s good right?

For a name like Eaton Mess, our next dessert was anything but a mess.  Served in an elegant Martini glass, this cracker of a dessert was filled with layers of crunchy meringue, fresh strawberries, cream, raspberry coulis and lemon curd topped with French Vanilla ice cream and freeze dried raspberry.  This was followed shortly by our favourite (although choosing a favourite from this line up is a bit like trying to choose your favourite child),  White Chocolate and Lemon Curd Crepes. These were absolutely delicious.  Think thin crepe, filled with lemon curd, melted white chocolate and topped with fresh strawberries and that creamy French Vanilla ice cream.  You know you want them. 🙂

Just when you though you couldn’t fit another thing in, we were given a Strawberries and cream shake with all the trimmings.  Using their wild strawberry milkshake as the base, it was topped with strawberries, fresh cream, a Nutella Macaron, Persian Fairly Floss and freeze dried raspberries.  Definitely Insta worthy.

St Louis isn’t known for it’s Fine Ice Cream for nothing.  Our taste of the white chocolate with caramel and honeycomb proved that.  Super creamy and packed with flavour, it was the perfect way to finish off our dessert feast.

If you sweet tooth is needing some attention, St Louis is definitely the place to go.  You can find them at a number of locations around Adelaide, or get the scoop on what’s new at their website


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