The instant way to know how far you can exercise in SA lockdown

With recent restrictions in SA, residents can only exercise within a 2.5km radius, and there’s a handy tool to help you know how far you can go.

Recent restricitons brought into place in South Australia under the current lockdown have seen locals unable to leave their homes except for five reasons.

One of those reasons, of course, is exercise! A vital part of keeping our bodies working and minds healthy as we wait out this seven day stay-at-home period.

The guidelines around exercising are current as follows:

  • You can only exercise with those in your household (or a person who works with you if you exercise immediately before or after your essential work shift)
  • People must remain within a 2.5km radius of their homes while exercising (or within 2.5 km of your work if you exercise immediately before or after your shift)
  • Masks are not required when exercising (physically exerting ones self)
  • You may only exercise for 90 minutes per day

While the last two points are easy to understand, the 2.5km radius can be a little tricky to work out when you’re not a mathematical genius (I for one, am not).

Cue the handy websites that let you see exactly how far a distance is surrounding your location, with one in particular helping South Australians learn where they can go on their 90 minute exercise route.

2km From Home is a handy website that lets you punch in your radius, adjust your location, and view that radius clearly in a red sphere.

While the website only allows you to punch in rounded distances i.e. 2km, 3km, 4km and not decimal points, it will give you a good understanding of where you can travel.

The website is entirely free to use, and proving a vital tool to help people get out in the fresh air and get their bodies moving.

To access and use 2km From Home’s radius tool, click here.

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