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The Latest Fitness Trend Hitting Adelaide That’s Gaining A Cult-Like Following

We’ve Found The Secret Weapon To Getting Bikini Body Ready By Australia Day


If summer has snuck up on you and all of a sudden people are talking about pool parties and your summer bod ain’t ready, don’t worry! I’ve got just the thing to whip you into your best shape yet just in time for Australia Day.

Having tried it all…From F45 to traditional gyms to various classes over the years, when I heard about something quite unique to shake up my gym routine, I jumped straight on it.

OrangeTheory Fitness in Hawthorn has been growing in cult-like numbers and after one session we can see why. Over the next few month’s I’ll be yours eyes, ears and personal test dummy, giving you the low-down on how to achieve bangin’ results, pronto.

ot-glam-adelaide-image01ot-glam-adelaide-image02The unique high intensity 60-minute workout is designed to push you to the ‘Orange Zone’ where you’ll spend 12-20 minutes working at 84% of your heart rate or higher. In other words, where you enter SERIOUS calorie-torching territory. Unlike any other gym, you’ll be given a personal personal heart rate monitor that broadcasts how hard you’re reallllly training on a screen for you and all your workout buddies to see. But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. You actually get totally engrossed by what you’re doing that everything else just kinda fades into a blur.

It’s said you can burn around 500-1000 calories per session, continuing even 36 hours after you get your workout. So basically, you could be reading this right now and burning calories. I can testify to this, in my first workout alone (thanks to my handy heart monitor) I know I burnt 645 calories! That and the soaked t-shirt were dead-giveaways. But It’s super satisfying to get your actual results from the overall workout emailed to post session so you can fare up where you effort was spent. The idea of this is to improve on your own results each time and the trainers are at-hand to go through every detail with you.

ot-glam-adelaide-image03 There are two main types of classes but every session is different. You’ll never do the same workout routine twice. Classes combine a mix of cardio on the treadmill, rowing machines and free-weight training.

I have to say the atmosphere was unbeatable. You’re instantly welcomed to the members “family”, new or old. No matter what age (there was a vast range, believe you me). My instructor was motivating, hilarious and gave me just the right amount of attention when I needed it.

ot-glam-adelaide-image04OrangeTheory are only closed Christmas Day and New Years Day, so there are literally no excuses peeps.

Follow my progress through herehere and here. I promise laughs, real-talk and nifty insider tips. If you have questions or better yet, you want to trial a free session with me for this torture I mean great health benefits, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD enter this competition to WIN a huge Orange Theory fitness pack including 6 weeks FREE:

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