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Drinks To Indulge Throughout The Final Two Weekends Of Dry July

A quick and easy guide to help you finish Dry July. You’re welcome.

Australia’s alcohol-free month Dry July has hit the halfway mark, meaning those participating will be needing some inspiration to get them through the final two weekends stretch. 

Thankfully, Menulog, which offers the greatest choice for Australians when it comes to online food delivery, has revealed some of the most delectable non-alcoholic drinks available on the website across restaurants in South Australia.

With a variety of delicious non-alcoholic options, Menulog will help keep Aussies committed and on track throughout the month by delivering an alternative straight to your door. 

And it isn’t only our health which Dry July is benefitting, with reports that the average Australian Household would save $1,664 a year (or roughly 85 avocado toasts) by giving up alcohol.

Therefore, we have taken the liberty of breaking down exactly how much Aussie’s could save with a few simple drink swaps this Dry July

You can do it! We believe in you!

Menulog’s Dry July Swap List
1.        Swap a BRKLYN Roast Coconut Old Fashioned ($20.00) for a Noodle Kitchen Brown Sugar Ice Jelly ($4.00) 

2.        Swap a Mr Good Bar Corpse Reviver No. 2 ($22.00) for a Niño’s Pizzeria Aloe Vera Hint of Honey drink ($5.50)

3.        Swap a Biblioteca Don Quixote ($22.00) for a Captain Chargrill Tropical Mango Juice ($5.00)

4.        Swap an Red October Never Never Negroni ($18.00) for a Citi Deli Rose Lassi Smoothie ($4.00)

5.        Swap a Pink Moon Saloon Brandy Buzz ($19.00) for an Organic Market and Cafe Hot Spicey Apple ($5.00)


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