The Living End Are Back On Track

We had a chat with The Living End’s Chris Cheney ahead of their upcoming gig at the Superloop Adelaide 500.

Glam’s Jonathan Matthews had a chat with Chris Cheney of Australian punk rock band The Living End about their upcoming tour which includes a gig at the Superloop Adelaide 500 in the heart of our humble city.

You guys will be heading down to Adelaide to play at the Superloop 500 soon, are you looking forward to that?

I am, yeah. We’ve played that event in the past when it was called Clipsal 500, I think we’ve done at least three of those. It’s always great, after the race everyone is ‘fuelled up’ and ready to party.

Have you got anything else exciting in the works right now?

There’s a lot of overseas touring coming up for the band, which is exciting. This most latest album has been out for a while now, and we’re still touring on the back of that one, we’re as busy as ever. We’re not showing any signs of slowing down at this point.

Well have you got any new music currently underway at the moment?

I haven’t written anything for The Living End for quite a while actually, so no, there’s no set plans at this point. We will do another album, it’s just a matter of finishing these tours and seeing the last album through first. There’s always a few ideas floating around here and there, but I tend to wait until we’re in the writing period and then I hit the ground running.

Have you had any thoughts of doing a solo album in the future?

*Laughs* Well, maybe. I’ve got one that’s in the can, but I’ve had to put it on the backburner until I get enough time to invest into it properly and thoroughly. I would like to do one though, I’ve always got songs that I play around with that don’t necessarily fit in with what the rest of the band does. It’s also a matter of trying to slot it into the always busy schedule, we’ve been so flat out for the last couple of years.

Can you tell me a bit more about your upcoming European tour?

Well, we’re playing in a few different places including Spain, which will be fun, we’ve only been there once before. We’re doing a big festival there alongside the band’s biggest influence ever, The Stray Cats. We’re also playing through the UK and Germany, those pieces are still being put together. Europe is our favourite place to tour overseas, we love the atmosphere, the food, and the festivals, it’s all really fun. We’re looking forward to it.

The Living End are playing at Superloop Adelaide 500 alongside Jet on Saturday March 2. You can get tickets at superloopadl500.com.au.

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