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The Lovechild Of Gin And Moscato Has Arrived – Ginscato

Gin and moscato are loved separately, but now we can love them together.

Gin and Moscato is a combination not many would immediately associate, but it manages to interest us enough that we’re interested. That’s exactly what Dan Khouzam and Will Simpson thought when they embarked on a eighteen month journey to create Ginscato.

Noting it to be the new taste of summer, they’ve combined fresh moscato from the Adelaide Hills and Imperial Measures Distilling Gin to create a concoction that promises summer in a bottle.

“We just wanted to spice up the drink market,” Dan says. Everything from the pale pink and blue design combo screams warmth, but it’s not just a sugary drink.

“There’s absolutely no artificial colours or flavours in Ginscato, we’ve used 100% premium SA products.” Says Dan.

The gin has notes of carefully selected botanicals such ass Juniper, Hibiscus and Elderflower forming a bitter sweet citrus notes. This dulls the excessively sweet taste of rosewater Moscato and adds a noticeable bite from the gin.

“Having access to the best ingredients was key to the brand development, we wanted to shed light on some of Adelaide’s greatest products both wines and spirits and Ginscato has allowed us to do just this”. Says Will.

In the vein of locals supporting locals, you’ll be seeing Ginscato at a variety of events during the festival season and as we gear up to summer. Notably The Sailing Club, the Fleurieu New Years Eve festival. Since their announcement, everyones already jumping on Ginscato, including Adelaide Oval and Hurley Cellars. 

To get your hands on the unique creation, you’ll have to head to King Street Cellars. The Ginscato online store is next to launch in the next few days. To keep an eye out on more info, check out their Instagram

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