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The Madame (Hanoi) Celebrates Her First Birthday With Special CollaBEERation

Ms Hanoi had one very special birthday wish and it all came true…

Last night saw the one year birthday party of fabulous North Terrace eatery Madame Hanoi and with it came a very special gift for the lady of the hour.

Being the demanding, yet ever-modern lady that she is, Madame Hanoi requested that for her first birthday she receive something ultra unique… her very own beer.

Madame Hanoi

The boys at Pirate Life Brewing have been eager to please whilst pushing the boundaries since bursting on to the SA scene less than a year ago; so there was no one better to make her birthday wish come true.

Introducing: Saison, the official Madame Hanoi beer by Pirate Life Brewing, featuring flavours of kaffir lime, mango and coriander seed.

With both Madame Hanoi and Pirate Life being new kids on the block, it was a no brainer that they would make the perfect team to create this unique project.

Pirate Life

The evening was, as always at Adelaide Casino, an elegant affair. The setting of Madame Hanoi is simply beautiful, and to match, so is the excellent food. We indulged in soft shell crab on the famed black squid ink buns, crispy pork belly spring rolls, beef tartare and some salt and pepper squid like no other. When it comes to punchy flavours, Madame Hanoi does it right.

That’s why their collaboration with Pirate Life contains just that. The punchy original flavours in the new Saison beer match the menu so perfectly and yet still stand alone as a great beer flavour profile.

Madame Hanoi

Pirate Life’s brewers learned from the best in Scotland, at BrewDog (one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly breweries in the world). And the results have spoken for themselves really. They were recently announced as one of the top 100 craft beers in the country (full article here.)

Glam chatted to Pirate Life CEO Michael Cameron and brewer Lewis about the thought process that went into creating Saison. Obviously there was lots of playing to be done. “We needed to back up those unique fragrant flavours with a substantial but suitable grain profile.” Rice was aptly experimented with of course.

The final product is a light, fragrant, easy drinking beer that even beer naysayers could enjoy. Swing by Madame Hanoi soon and make sure you grab yourself a pint, you won’t regret it.

If you’d like to learn more about our fabulous SA craft beers check out our complete guide here.

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