The Men In Black Cross Roads House Is Amazing Inside (& Up For Rent)

This is your chance to live in one of Adelaide’s most iconic homes (and you’ll want to once you see the amazing photos!)


For the last 20 years, if you’ve been driving down Cross Roads, it’s likely you’ve seen one of Adelaide’s most iconic bits of pop culture. The Men In Black cutout has been tucked subtly in the second floor window of one of the houses along Cross Roads, looking down on to the busy road.

I remember seeing it for the first time, thinking people were watching the cars, before realising it was the Men In Black, but by then, I’d driven past and had to wait for the next drive by for a gander.

Turns out nobody really knows the exact history behind who put the cut out there or why, but it’s been recognised as such an iconic thing, that it’s been part of the house sale conditions every time it’s changed hands over the last two decades.

The most recent owners have stayed true to tradition, and left the cut out there, and now that the 4-bedroom house is for rent through Tamir Dunning Real Estate, the home comes with strict conditions for the Men in Black’s care, and ensuring it stays within the property. So, you know, the guys can continue to defend Adelaide from the worst scum in the Universe.

The thing that astounded us though, was the inside of this home. From the street, we’re so focused on the Men in Black looking down on us, that we’ve totally overlooked the house itself. And it’s a doozy.

Take a look for yourself.

To see the full gallery of photos for this gorgeous rental, and to potentially even rent there (come on, don’t you want to live in an iconic Adelaide home?), >>here’s a link to the listing.<<

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