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The Mile End is turning 180 so let’s chat good times now and way back when

The Mile End is transporting patrons to the past in honour of their 180th birthday with vintage menus, daily drink deals and food specials.


All December, the Mile End Hotel is celebrating their monumental 180th birthday, culminating in a big New Year’s Eve bash.

They’re transporting patrons to the past in honour of this birthday with vintage menus, daily drink deals and food specials.

We’ve also taken peek into the past to remind you about the extensive history of this Adelaide institution.

The Mile End is not merely a stopover to your concert at the Thebby, but its close distance makes for absolute convenience for gig-goers.

When there, it’s easy to fall into the lull of the pub’s atmosphere, breathing in the scent of freshly poured beers, and tuning in to the chatter amongst groups eager to get the night kicked off.

It’s undeniably a venue which invites people back. Locals return for the atmosphere and are welcomed in turn for their loyalty.

In fact in 1949, one such local, called Joe made the the Adelaide News with his antics.

The report states “Joe is well known to the customers and today he perched on Les Smart’s shoulders while he was having a drink. He often takes a stroll along the bar counter and he’ll eat anything he can get his teeth into. One day he found a pound note on a bar counter, but somebody grabbed it in time.”

Joe is a rabbit.

It’s that cheeky and lighthearted atmosphere that’s kept the Mile End in people’s hearts.

While it’s not concrete enough to make it into the news, we think it’s important to mention that when you’re at the Mile End, you may be dining with spirits of the past.

Rumour has it that the cellar was once used as a place to host prisoners when Adelaide Gaol overflowed. Very spooky (and impossible to fact check).

Mile End’s current identity is a lot more chill but that’s not to say that the Mile End didn’t make headlines with some debauchery.

In the ’50s two men were arrested when they smashed:

  • A pane of glass measuring 6×6 feet
  • A window
  • A door

Needless to say the duo resisted arrest and had to show up at court later that day. Hot tip patrons: don’t get into a brawl and break things, your antics may make the news again 70 years later.

Instead, head to the Mile End and celebrate their bday by pondering over their cool new vintage menus and ordering yourself a load of bevvies courtesy of their daily happy hours, and treats from their food and drink specials.

Mile End is wrapping up the, erm, questionable, year that 2020 has been with big bang through their NYE party.

The Mile End turns a whopping 180 on New Year’s Eve so after you’ve gorged yourself out on delicious pub grub (it’s NYE after all), get ready for an epic balloon drop and birthday cake.

Celebrations carry on all through December and the NYE Big Bash can be booked online here.

Find The Mile End Hotel at 30 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End SA.

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