The Most Beautiful Workout Wear You've Ever Seen

The Most Beautiful Active Wear You’ve Ever Seen

We Are Handsome and Vaalia yoghurt unite forces in a feel-good collaboration.


We all like to hear positive messages about being healthy and active and having vitality. It makes us feel good and encourages us to incorporate the things we know we should in our lifestyle, like making time to exercise, eating a healthy diet and taking steps to raise our self esteem. Two seemingly unrelated companies have collaborated on a wonderful charity project to encourage women everywhere to look and feel the very best they can.

laura-1When Jeremy Somers, co-director of design label We Are Handsome was approached by yogurt company Vaalia to create an active wear legging that embodied its message of freshness, health and vitality, he thought it was a strange request, until he realised both brands represented these things.

“It’s all about being the best you can be”, Jeremy says. “Feeling healthy and comfortable when you’re working out and being confident within yourself”.

laura-3The two companies decided proceeds from the sale of the leggings should be donated to a charity who embraced their message. They found the perfect match in Look Good Feel Better, which provides support and workshops for women suffering from cancer, encouraging them to feel better about their appearance after the devastating side effects of treatment. The charity prides itself on raising self-esteem and empowering women to face their cancer diagnosis with confidence.

The outcome is the stunning “Babylon” legging, inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which were one of the original Seven Wonders of the World. The dynamic, vibrant floral print was especially created with the “Vitality” message in mind. It made sense to then involve former Miss Universe, Laura Dundovic, who was involved in the campaign shoot in Sydney last week.

laura-7“Laura lost a family member to cancer recently, so it was a cause close to her heart,” Jeremy said. “We were thrilled to have her on board as she embodies everything active and healthy without going nuts about it”.

So what is on the horizon for We Are Handsome? The company is extending its range, which has been predominantly swimwear, to incorporate more workout gear and outerwear apparel. The focus is on the performance aspects of the fabrics and design of the pieces, ensuring the comfort and health of the wearer as well as looking great with unique colours and prints.

Basically it’s a win/win situation; by purchasing the leggings you will experience your own sense of vitality and know you are helping a wonderful charity extend its support to even more Australian cancer patients.


The Babylon leggings are available exclusively online at for $129 until the end of February 2017 or while stocks last.

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