The Most Unique Food Truck Bus-iness In Adelaide

You won’t miss this food truck as it trundles around Adelaide!


You know what food trucks are. You’ve seen them around in vans or even caravan trailers. But we bet you’ve never seen one in an honest-to-god vintage yellow school bus.

Old School Bus is a food truck and catering business operating around the Morphett Vale area out of, you guessed it, a converted old school bus. They do killer coffee, artisanal soft drinks, milkshakes, spiders and best of all…




Old School Bus is all about keeping it local too, passionate about using only SA suppliers in their delicious offerings; like Adelaide Hills Dairy, Paris Creek Farm, Skala Bakery and La Crema Coffee Roasters.

The ‘food truck’, if you can call it that, operates mainly in the Onkaparinga area, but they can be booked to cater special events. It’s certain to get guests talking about the awesome old bus, or even reminiscing about their earlier days riding these gaudy behemoths to school everyday. Old School Bus regularly get compliments on their vehicle, and it’s surely the most unique food truck operating in Adelaide.

To find out more about this killer food bus, check out their Facebook page.

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