The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize is the South Australian Museum’s event of the year

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize is happening this summer

Image supplied, Geological Armatures by Tom Borgas.

The South Australian Museum’s Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize begins this weekend, and it’s set to be a feast for the eyes, mind and senses.

It runs from 11 December – 8 March 2021 at the South Australian Museum.

Commemorating the birth of the South Australian Museum’s first curator, Frederick George Waterhouse, the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize pulls an often under-appreciated field — science — into sharp focus, by showcasing artist responses to a range of scientific issues.

With the omnipresent global issue of climate change and the world in the grips of a pandemic, this year’s exhibition is especially relevant and poignant.

This biennial award is an opportunity for artists to investigate the world around them and present their perspectives on natural science. It encourages artists to make a statement about the scientific issues facing our planet and offers a valuable platform for them to contribute to the environmental debate.

With entries selected by internationally recognised judges, Waterhouse is a compelling display of science seen through the eyes of internationally celebrated artists.

But it’s not just science buffs who will be into the exhibits, it’s a space for everyone. Whether you’re engaged in natural science, art, or social issues, the works are sure to get you thinking.

Over the years the competition has become a much-loved fixture on the arts calendar, allowing artists and audiences to explore natural science through a range of creative outlets

All of the works displayed in the exhibition will be available for purchase — a rare opportunity to own a piece of art that makes a statement about the world around us.

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize runs from December 11 until 8 March 2021 at the South Australian Museum.

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