The New Brunch Hotspot You Need To Visit Before It Packs Out

Coffee and brunch lovers of the west rejoice! Pixie & The Hawk have officially opened.

In an area where there’s limited options for a great brunch Pixie & The Hawk have come through, like the sun peeking through the clouds on a cold winter’s day.

We must admit, there’s not a whole lot of offer in the west for the coffee and brunch crowd, and often we find ourselves making our way into the city for our weekend brunch. Now though, local heroes have opened up the cutest little cafe.

In an area that’s only 5 minutes from the city, it’s one of those areas that still keeps its old school charm – littered with old homes and businesses. To the untrained eye, it’s just that, but with new businesses popping up and many young people moving in, its soon going to be known as one of the places to live in Adelaide. Yet, they’re still screaming out for good, trendy cafés and bars.

Enter: Pixie & The Hawk, the perfect destination for those who are looking for something a little off the beaten track, something not commercial and in your face, and something that emulates the charm and passion of places like Mister Sunshine.

Rhys is an Adelaide-born coffee aficionado, who spent years travelling and exploring the world. After living in Melbourne and working as a café manager for a while, he was ready to come home. Before he left, he had one task – to train his replacement to take over the café (this is where it gets cute, guys). In walks Emma, and long story short, they fell in love (aww). She followed him back to Adelaide and they opened Whipped Pizza in Semaphore, but due to the late nights they had no work/life balance. Longing for the café lifestyle, they opened their passion project and newest venture, and it’s sure to get a cult following.

As you walk in, it’s like being invited into their lounge room: it’s cosy and cute without being cramped. It retains the charm of a Melbourne café but has maintained the functionality of space we love from the most popular Adelaide cafés. With a range of desserts, both homemade and locally sourced, as well as a menu designed by Emma, you’ll want one of everything.

The best part though? They make a mean coffee. Their beans are roasted by Five Senses Coffee especially for the café’s extensive menu. You won’t find just the generic flat white or long black here, oh no, coffee aficionados will be impressed with their offerings; they’ve got piccolos, aeropressed options and a bunch of other coffee methods we’ve never heard of and you’re sure to love. With plenty of off-street parking, you’ll easily be able to pop in before work or after dropping the kids off at school for a caffeine hit that tastes like perfection. This genuine, passionate pair nurture the café like it’s their first born child, and you can see the passion pouring from their pores.

With a million tea options, a dessert cabinet, kick-ass brunch options (keep an eye out for our menu review soon) and about half a dozen tables, you’ll have to get in quick if you want to experience this before it blows up.

Pixie & The Hawk

144 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville

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