The New Moseley Bar And Kitchen Menu Tastes Like Summer

The New Moseley Bar And Kitchen Menu Tastes Like Summer

Try stopping at just one dish… We dare you!


Since its grand opening, The Moseley Bar and Kitchen has been an instant hit. In fact, it was so much of a hit that on opening weekend, the beer kegs were drunk dry!

That’s some effort! From then, they’ve shown us nothing but greatness. They became a welcome addition to the madness of Moseley Square, and if we’re really honest, exactly what Glenelg needed!

Their casual class and sophistication is carried through everything at their establishment. Be it the staff, the menu or the decor. And as last night’s new menu launch showed us, they nail the events too.

When we arrived at the door we were directed down to the beach front to find a cute pair of black thongs, in our size, with our name on them. How adorable!

We wandered down to the sand to find a tiki torch lined area serving us up cocktails in real, Moseley branded coconuts! In 37 degree heat these were an absolute godsend.

The Moseley

Is there anything more wonderful, or more Aussie, than basking in the sun, on the sand, in a deckchair on a balmy summer night? It was truly perfection. And then came the canapés. Oh. Dear. God.

The highlight was easily the Lamb and Pork Terrine with Apple Jam. Not gonna lie, we scoffed about six. To accompany it we had Asparagus and Zucchini Frittata, Tomato Consommé with Diced Prawn (perfectly fresh on a warm evening) and Beef Tartare which was served in a little ball. Definitely unique.

We nibbled and giggled whilst the sun set and then we were guided from the sands to the beautiful downstairs restaurant where the real feasting began.

The starter was a light and vibrant Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche with Grapefruit and Beetroot Dressing and Parsley Oil. Although raw fish is tricky to make visually beautiful, the contrasting flavours in this dish were stunning. The bitterness of the grapefruit tied so well with the sweetness of the beetroot and then of course came together over the wonderful fresh fish.

The Moseley

The main of Pressed Barossa Chicken with Duck Dumplings, Apricot Puree and Orange Sauce was unexpectedly magnificent. We won’t lie, we tend to shy away from chicken as our first choice in a restaurant. It can often go wrong. But this dish, was so on point.

The chicken was succulent and juicy and coated in a salted crust that almost lead you to think you were indulging in pork belly with crackling. That excellent saltiness was cut through with the orange and apricots, examples of Head Chef Sam’s passion for sourcing seasonal produce.

The Moseley

And of course, the final addition, and our favourite way to end an evening of indulgence, a dessert tasting plate. For those who, like us, struggle to make just one choice.

The beautiful colours popped from the plate as we tried three tasty bites that differed greatly in flavour but in turn worked so well together. The Raspberry and Rosewater Cheesecake with Macadamia and Sable Crumb had great big chunks of the nuts through the crumb, adding real texture and avoiding losing the beauty of the macadamia in the base.

The Moseley

Next was the Blackberry Bombe Alaska with Blackberry Parfait and Meringue on a Mango Sponge. We don’t know about you, but we’re continually amazed by the concept of a Bombe Alaska. How do you encase ice-cream and set it on fire and NOT have it melt?! Genius. Or magic. Either way, we loved the blackberry meringue, adding that vibrant Summer touch to a classic.

And of course who could go past the eternally spectacular Chocolate Brownie with Almond Meringue and Orange. A great combo of crunch, sticky sweet brownie and zesty citrus. Divine.

After we were officially about to pop we continued to sip on cocktails and chatter away into the balmy night with the marvellous staff.

We honestly loved this event! It was an incredible and memorable way to introduce what will definitely be a perfect Summer menu. The Moseley Bar and Kitchen is such a great destination this season, and we can’t wait to get in and try EVERYTHING else they have on offer.

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