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The New Mouthwatering Farina 00 Pasta & Wine Bar

Pasta is a religion to many and is being treated with the utmost care by new must visit King William Road establishment Farina 00 Pasta & Wine Bar.

There is something incredibly seductive about fresh made pappardelle wrapping around a fork, picking up lashings of sauce as the ball spiral increases in size. Pop it into your mouth and that first bite completely melts, all the sauce squeezes out across your mouth, the Parmesan cheese melts on your palate and wash it all down with a sip of vino. For many, it’s a religious experience.

This is exactly the fare you can expect from new King William Road resident Farina 00 Pasta and Wine Bar, who cracked their doors open just over a week ago to allow the aroma of freshly prepared pasta to waft among the winds along the street. The ’00’ is a nod to Italy’s signature flour, Stagioni 5 ’00’, with their southern Italian heritage showcased by their flavours and produce.

Owner and head chef Lewis Marro has created a masterful and uncomplicated menu filled with fresh produce and flavours. Classic protein’s combine with ingredients that accentuate textures as well as flavours, such as slow braised rabbit with hazelnuts and marjoram. Gorgeous rich flavours burst across your tongue with the Gigli, featuring porcini, king oyster and shiitake mushrooms, tied together with truffle oil and grated truffle cheese.

More traditional combinations are on show in the Rigatoni with pork, fennel and homemade tomato sauce, or even the Spaghetti Al Nero, with black squid ink, algio olio style (a classic oil base) with fresh seafood, tomato and a dash of chili to lift the dish even further. Homely sides of chargrilled vegetables or caprese salad and a pair of sweet plates complete this beautiful menu.

The design walks the line between traditional pasta houses of the past and modern eateries, with a distinctly authentic feel. The restaurant fireplaces offer a warm glow for the season while the windows allow a tranquil connection with the King William Rd streetscape, especially during the daytime.

King William Road has long been the home of great dining experiences, and in Farina 00 Pasta and Wine Bar, a new favourite is set to emerge.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 11am til late, Farina 00 is located at 128 William Road, Hyde Park. Booking can be made by phoning 8271 1109. Follow the crew on Facebook.

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