SA’s Oodie founder backs $1500 pet potty ‘Fydoo’

The mastermind of The Oodie is supporting revolutionary pet potty Fydoo, an innovative product which will help simplify the lives of pet owners.

In a world where convenience reigns supreme, pet owners are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to simplify their lives. Enter Fydoo, the brainchild of entrepreneur Sebastian Waddell, poised to revolutionise pet care.

Serial entrepreneur Davie Fogarty injected $250,000 into the project and he is on a mission to propel Fydoo to make a splash in the pet industry: to achieve $10 million in sales in 12 months.

Davie, a 28-year-old former AFR Young Rich Lister and the mastermind behind popular brands like The Oodie, has made his mark as one of Australia’s most successful young entrepreneurs.

The Oodie, which boasts a staggering 8.1 million units sold and $500 million in revenue, thanks to his innovative digital and eCommerce model. He also grew Pupnaps, a line of calming dog beds, to soared to over $1 million in monthly sales.

So, what’s the fuss about the $1500 Fydoo, and why did Davie decide to back this venture? Well, Fydoo isn’t your average pet potty. It’s an elevated grass patch connected to a water source and floor drain that works its magic by automatically sanitising the grass after each use, nipping odours and germs in the bud.

This eco-friendly pet potty eliminates the time-consuming chore of cleaning up after your furry friend, giving pet owners back an average of two precious hours each week.

Davie’s investment in Fydoo was fuelled by its enormous market potential and his desire to enhance the lives of pet owners. He saw parallels with Fresh Patch, a pet toilet that raked in over $100 million in revenue after a successful stint on Shark Tank in the US.

“It was clear that there is a demand for not only convenient but sustainable pet solutions, and Fydoo is a product that gives pet owners the luxury of both,” Davie says.

Davie and Sebastian’s vision is clear: bring ease, convenience, and sustainability to a common household issue, and Sebastian dedicated three years to the development and testing of Fydoo.

“Fydoo is designed to make it easier for pet owners living in apartments, townhouses, or homes without a backyard – and especially when they aren’t home to clean up after their pets. I am excited to work alongside Davie, who has already had immense success in the pet care world, with Pupnaps. Both our visions align in bringing a practical, easy, and cost-effective solution while growing a brand that pet owners can’t do without,” Sebastian says.

The duo aims to create a positive brand image that exceeds customer expectations in terms of service, value, and product performance. Their strategy for Fydoo mirrors the playbook that catapulted The Oodie to a household name.

Davie’s digital marketing skills, his willingness to take calculated risks and learn from missteps, and his four-pronged approach to business success- content, social media, customer service, and product development- have been the secret behind his success.

Davie and Sebastian have initiated pre-sales, primarily targeting the Australian market, however, Fydoo has received interest from the US, Italy, Indonesia, and China, prompting the pair to explore distribution partnerships on a global scale.

To find out more about Fydoo, click here.

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