The Perfect Way To Involve Your Pet In Your Wedding

Emily launched “I Do Paws” this year, and offers unrivalled pet sitting services for your wedding.

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with over 25 million pets belonging to our animal-crazy population. The RSPCA estimates that about 63% of Australian households own pets.

It comes as little surprise that dogs are the most common pet, with 39% of households owning a dog. Did I say dog? I meant fur baby. And businesses are becoming savvy to this. The number of dog-friendly venues and bars is booming (see our guide here) and pets are becoming more and more commonplace at weddings and events.

Harnessing this trend (and her love for animals) is Emily Tromans. As an experienced veterinary nurse, dog trainer and lover of all dogs, Emily launched “I Do Paws” this year, and offers unrivalled pet sitting services for your wedding. When you hire Emily, she will ensure that your cuddly critter will be in the loving hands of a responsible sitter on your wedding day — belly rubs and playtime guaranteed! Whether your 4 legged friend is the ring bearer, best man or seated guest, she’ll make sure that your pet is comfortable while you have peace of mind. Services on the day include transport to and from the wedding, plenty of treats throughout the day, toilet breaks, coordination with the photographer to get the paw-fect pictures and unlimited belly rubs to ensure your best friend has a great day.

But wait, it gets better. 

Emily even takes care of all pre and post wedding needs. Pre wedding services include a meet and greet, hydrobath and grooming session to make sure your pet looks their best as well as any rehearsal training that is required. Honeymoon services include transport to and from your designated kennels.

The I Do Paws website even has a small list of pet friendly wedding venues in South Australia. Each venue has their own rules and regulations so please contact the venue directly for more information on their animal policies. 

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