The Pizza Project Launches At Melt And This Month's Flavour Is Insanely Good

The Pizza Project Launches At Melt And This Month’s Flavour Is Insanely Good

Melt Pizzeria roll out this month’s limited edition pizza and it’s a winner.


Just as we thought Melt Pizzeria couldn’t get any better they introduce The Pizza Project.

Every month the team will dream up a new pizza flavour which will feature on the menu for roughly four weeks. So far the team have whipped up a limited edition Cotechino sausage pizza with caramelised onion, provolone cheese, green apple aioli, Fig Pizza with gorgonzola, speck and hazelnut and a bitter-choc Golden Crumble dessert pizza that’s topped with shortbread crumb, honeycomb, Frangelico cream and toffee sauce (we tried this one and it’s insanely good – they’re actually thinking of keeping this as an on-going thing because it was so damn popular).

The current July flavour will be rolled out this week. It’s a Peking Chicken pizza served with marinated chicken, hoi sin sauce, broccoli, mozzarella, spring onion and crispy shallots. A first for Melt, never having done a chicken pizza before, we gave it a crack before it’s added to the menu tomorrow and guys, it gets a solid 10/10 from us. The combination of chicken, hoi sin and (surprisingly) broccoli works beautifully.

“The Pizza Project is just something fun that we started up over the last few months [May] largely inspired The Burger Project at Bread and Bone. It means people can come in and always have exciting variety to choose from.” says venue manager, Ben Kelly.

“We’ll also pair the limited edition pizzas with Aussie wines and craft beers for example, we paired our newest dessert pizza the ‘Golden Crumble’ with the Golden Gaytime stout. It’s really all part of the experience”.

Of course, as with any of Melt’s pizzas, the limited edition pizzas are available on gluten-free bases as well as open to changes for dietary requirements. Just talk to the guys there and they’ll come up with some alternatives for you.

We can’t wait to see what’s up next month. Be sure to grab the gang and get into Melt to try July’s Peking Chicken pizza (and ask for the Golden Crumble + Stout for after, you won’t be disappointed).

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