The planets are aligning, here is how you can see them in South Australia

Six planets will align, creating the illusion of a straight line across the sky. Here’s how to view it in SA.

No this isn’t some abstract video on your social media timeline about planets aligning. They are literally aligning and will be visible to the naked eye.

Experts from the Astronomical Society of Australia are suspecting that there will be a brief moment in time from now until the end of the weekend, a ‘planetary parade’ will grace South Australia from about 6:30am.

Saturn, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter will be aligned, presenting a spectacle visible to the naked eye. However, Jupiter may be challenging to spot due to its proximity to the Sun.

Uranus and Neptune will also align, though they will likely require a telescope for viewing.

Those eager to witness the parade can expect to find it in the northeast section of the sky.

If you’re new to stargazing or simply want to ensure you catch the show at the optimal time, the Astronomical Society of Australia suggests utilising free ‘planetarium’ software like Stellarium to plan ahead and avoid any disappointment.

If you happen to miss this event, don’t worry; you may not have to wait decades for another opportunity. Experts say this type of planet alignment occurs every year or two, although it may involve different groups of planets.

South Australia has been privy to a spectacular sky show this month, with the state and wider parts of the country were gripped with the Spectacular Aurora Australis.

 The Aurora Australis, often observed in the polar regions, is less commonly seen in South Australia. The display is similar to the northern hemisphere’s Aurora Borealis and involves the collision of solar wind particles with atmospheric gases, resulting in vivid light displays across the sky.

The phenomenon primarily produces green and pink hues, which are the result of interactions between the particles and oxygen and nitrogen. The patterns and motions of the aurora are dynamic, ensuring that each appearance is distinct.

So if you were like me and slept right through that event, we are giving you fair warning now so you have no excuse!

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