Review: The Pointer Sisters Smooth Sounds At The Gov

The Gov was the perfect venue to host the smooth soul sounds of the long-lived Pointer Sisters enterprise, now into its 5th decade.

The Gov was the perfect venue to host the smooth pop-soul sounds of the Pointer Sisters enterprise, now into its 5th decade. Originally comprised of sisters the Pointer Sisters currently spans 3 generations of fantastic divas.

Opening up for the Pointer Sisters was never going to be easy for relative newcomer Jeremy Costa and his 8 piece funk outfit. Crammed in front of the headline band’s instruments, perched on what stage was left, they made the most of the half hour set to deliver a punchy and professional set. Recently supporting Boney M, Costa is making waves through the funk scene and is one to watch out for in the future.

The Pointer Sisters emerged on stage to an excited audience and began with the long vocal and instrumental prelude of Happiness. Suddenly they were pumping through the chorus with great gusto and abandon but it was clear the 8 piece were going to have to work hard to get the packed house moving. And work they did both musically and with crowd interaction. ‘There’s so much ugly in the world’ said Issa Pointer, ‘we want to bring some joy to the world’.

They certainly brought joy but it was the more subdued Slowhand that really had the hips swaying, for sentimentality was the key of the night. Nostalgia is a powerful drug and like any substance some people are brought along for the ride and others writhe in esctasy. Mostly it was the latter manifestation that took hold of the mature audience, with a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s Chain of Fools bringing serious depth to the performance. Classic hits I’m so excited and Fire nearly brought the house down while the finale Jump left revellers still in the mood to dance, many grooving to the post-show playlist.

If you have any doubts about whether the Pointer Sisters still have what it takes, catch a show on this tour to heal your soul of any uncertainty.

by James Hickey

Photography by Nigel Liefrink

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